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Some Light Relief

After the terrifying earthquake and the days of after shocks plus a storm to beat all storms in our area it was wonderful to come down to Christchurch two days ago to celebrate our grandson’s fourth birthday. All fun and laughter, chocolate and presents. What a perfect way to put the past week where it belongs – away in the memory box.


Yesterday was party day at the local train park. Perfect for all the little guys and girls.

Birthday boy on the Hamilton Jet train with dad, and Grampie with little sister behind them.


What better than a train cake. It was red, blue, green and yellow, and of course silly Granny Sue didn’t have her camera on colour.



One relieved mum that everything  went well.

One little miss enjoying CAKE. Didn’t we all?


Well worth the long trip down, and great to relax again.

Where would we be without our families. They are so special.



6 thoughts on “Some Light Relief”

  1. I saw the pictures on the news where the sea floor rose 2 meters….crazy! Have never been in an earthquake before, must be scary, especially since you really can’t predict them or their severity. Glad you are safe and were able to celebrate your grandson’s birthday.

    1. Thanks, Laurie. The earthquake was terrifying, but we – my family – were lucky. All safe. And yes, the birthday was fun and just what we needed.

  2. Hi Sue

    Oh yes that birthday party must have been must what everyone needed after what you all had been through yay for a perfect day with loving family. One of my grandsons had a birthday party at a place like this here in Sydney It is all about Thomas the Tank Engine and the actual party is held in an old double decker bus it was a fabulous day.

    Hugs to you all
    Have Fun

    1. Thanks, Helen. Seriously appreciate your comments. It has been a rough ride but in the end, life gets down to the simple things, and celebrating my grandson’s birthday was the perfect anecdote.

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