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From the Readers!

Medical romance authors are so grateful for our dedicated readers and we know there are many of you that devour all the books as they come out and often email us to let us know how much you loved a particular book. We love our super readers for your support and joy in what we produce and we think you’re all super stars!

So, we decided it was time that we featured a few of you guys and let you speak about medical romance and what it means to you. Every now and then we’ll be featuring one of our super readers on the blog and letting them take over for a day to spread some fairy dust and tell everyone just how much they adore medicals.

Our first super-reader is Gwessie. Thank you so much Gwessie and take it away….


14 years ago I had a fall quite a nasty one, but my specific doctor failed me. Years later we found the damage to be 3 fractured now crumbling vertabre (literally top middle and bottom in situation )a bulging disc and arthritis at the base. for the last few years after having my son I’ve had bad back pain which is now constant and my options I’ve been told are ‘trying to help pain management’. Also 2 and a half years ago I fell ill with Strep A septacemia. They keep telling me I’m too young for this to have happened to me being just 38, but knowing that its going to get worse and that I’m already at the point where I now have to swallow my pride and use a wheelchair is quite a lot to get your head around.

Even before I had all this I was a reader but read when I could, now I read constantly unless I’m on facebook or twitter interacting with authors I adore and fellow readers. Reading Medical Romance which I am addicted too and subscribe also with Mills and Boon to receive, literally helps keep me sane. At times as you can imagine being in constant pain can bring you down. I am able to completely immerse myself in the beautiful stories ( I hoard them and reread them very often ) from many of the wonderful authors included in this group ( I’ll not start naming favourites, as I think they are all equally amazing they may have the same genre but every story is different and for that I think every one of you have a truly special gift you share with us all and I adore all of you for it).

I have also learned many of which have actually worked or know those who have worked in the medical field totally know their stuff yes. I read their Bios 😉

There are many reasons I love Medical Romance and definitely consider it as a therapy to myself or even meditation. I focus on the story I am reading and it helps me to not dwell on dark thoughts. What helps also is knowing that even though the couple in the story may go through abject hell to get to their happy ending they always do. It has to be the highlight of reading the whole book I cannot read anything without a happy ending, it gives me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how we get there we get to have our happy ever after.

Many of the stories have a lot of humour in them theres nothing more soothing and uplifting than reading a book with humour romance and seeing the Medico’s in the stories get their life’s rewards for giving so much to their patients. For me specifically I adore this genre more than I can say also a kind of homage to those who saved me and still treat me today. The stories written yes at times make us laugh, cry, giggle even at times get a little stressed at wanting to bang their heads together, but knowing they come through it and their journey has a positive outcome is very well worth it. I very much recommend Medical Romance and Love IS the Best Medicine Always

Thank you all truly

Gwessie x
Thank you so much, Gwessie, for your kind words – we’re thrilled to know that in some small way we can help allieviate some of your daily burden xxx



27 thoughts on “From the Readers!”

  1. Well said Gwessie I hope you are not in too much pain and I agree that books can soothe and bring a smile and joy to your life.
    I read constantly and love the medical line and you know I learn so much from them thank you all for the laughs the smiles that you bring us readers love me a HEA

    Have Fun

    1. Huge love and respect to you all thank you so much for the opportunity to not just shout yes its definitely the best medicine but also say thank you to all of you, reading keeps me sane and truly I am one of I bet millions if not more who love and appreciate that you all share your gift of writing xxx merry Christmas and all the best for next year x 💖 x

  2. Hello Gwessie! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear how much the books mean to you. I am a relatively new author and sometimes when you’re sitting at your desk I do wonder whether or not what I/we write makes a difference. I can definitely assure you – you make a difference!

    I do hope your health doesn’t hinder you too much, and wishing you many more HEAs. all the best – Annie O’Neil

    1. Bless you Annie I can definitely tell you, you make a huge difference don’t stop writing keep them coming new or seasoned you have your calling in writing definitely 💖 xxx all the best

  3. HUGS, Gwessie. Your words mean so much to me! xo It’s exactly why I write, to bring joy and I’m glad reading is bringing you some well deserved joy.

  4. Huge hugs to Gwessie. I’m so glad our books mean so much to you (and others!) It’s such a great thing for us writers to hear. It keeps us going, too!

    Hope you have a great Christmas, love to you and your family xxx

    1. Love and hugs Louisa, you all definitely make a huge difference there’s not alot I’m able to do but after becoming disabled is one of very few things in still able to do so truly thank you xxx hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year xxx

  5. Massive hugs, Gwessie – and you’re exactly the kind of person who keeps us writing. So glad we’re helping in some small way. All the very best for Christmas xxx

    1. Huge love and hugs please keep writing never stop you make a huge difference in a huge way, all the best have a great Christmas and new year xxx

  6. Big hugs Gwessie – really sorry to hear about your health issues and it’s great to know that books give you a chance to relax xx

  7. Reading does become a way to escape the reality of pain or illness, and a Happily Ever After is the perfect way to lift your spirits. I am always amazed that our favorite authors have such active imaginations so they can bring us so many new and different stories.
    Hugs to you Gwessie….chronic pain is never anything we would wish for, but I am glad you are able to read for pleasure and get some feel good endorphins from a great story!

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments, Gwessie. It so good to see how we are touching our readers out there. And if our books can give you time away from your pain then that’s wonderful. Lots more hugs to you.

    1. Thank you Sue, you most definitely touch us with your wonderful books truly xxx they do such alot for me and all your other readers too xxx all the best xxx

  9. Thanks so much, Gwessie, for letting us know how much our books mean to you. And reading has carried me away many times when the daily grind got to be too much, or I was injured or sick. Reading is such a wonderful ability, when you think about it!

    1. Thank you, definitely agree with you totally I honestly think if I couldn’t read I would have lost it, reading keeps me sane and he’s give such a huge boost and seeing love often conquering all definitely gives a huge boost 😊 xxx

    2. Totally agree thank you so much, the wonderful stories by you all definitely give a huge boost showing love conquering all xx

  10. Gwessie,
    You made me cry! Thanks for your kind words. You are just the reader we all write for. You make it worth our time and effort. Happy Reading.

  11. I’m a bit late to the party, but want to add my hugs for the difficulties you have to endure every day. Life sure isn’t fair, is it? i join everyone in thanking you for your sweet words about our books, and how much it means to all of us to know we bring pleasure to your life. I’ll be thinking of that as I struggle to get this book finished – I have a feeling it will go a little smoother now! 🙂

    1. Bless you Robin huge hugs, you can do it I believe in you and having read your work before know you will do amazing xxx you definitely bring pleasure into many lives thank you so much xxx

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