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Exhausted! Please assume the position below…..


This is the position we are all in right now.

It’s all been too much.  Christmas is over.  The presents are opened.  The house looks as if a tornado has swept through it, and I can’t remember what belongs to who.

Neither can the kids.  And that can cause a few arguments.

The joys of a family Christmas.

In Scotland, New Years Eve is called Hogmanay and it’s a big deal.

If you’re young, energetic and have any kind of tolerance for alcohol.

I am none of the above.   I’ll be drinking a small glass of wine, watching TV and reading a book.  Perfect!

In between all this I have some revisions to finish on next year’s Christmas book – a story that I absolutely love and I get to share it all with you next year!

In the meantime, I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful celebratory time wherever you are in the world and here’s to a brighter, happier 2017!


7 thoughts on “Exhausted! Please assume the position below…..”

  1. Just a few more hours till Christmas is over here. I just finished cleaning the kitchen after our big turkey dinner ( I made a turkey breast since it’s just me and the hubby) Our boys and their spouses had different work days over the holidays, my oldest just got back from Japan on Friday, and his in-laws (where his wife and baby stayed) all had the flu. So we are having A Boxing Day event tomorrow, going out to dinner, and exchanging presents and giving them all the homemade cookies, treats and fudge i made. I am sure by the time Monday night rolls around I may sleep for days (If I can tear myself away from my kindle.) My husband got me the Harlequin Medical romance for January…so New Year’s reading is covered! Happy Holidays to you all!

  2. Hi Scarlet

    I like that positon LOL

    It is Boxing Day here in Australia now the cricket is on the TV I am reading and still eating way too much so many left overs can’t wait till it is all finished

    Have Fun

  3. Utterly tempted to try that position. It looks AMAZING!!!!!!

    Glad you enjoyed Christmas. We’ve just come up for air. The peace is astonishing!

    Wishing you all everything good and wonderful in the new year.

    Caroline x

  4. Even superheroes get tired!!! Thanks for the comments ladies, you all sound very busy!
    I am now off to watch Wham videos for what remains of 2016 😥

  5. How adorable, totally relate Christmas can be exhausting but so worth it, so looking forward to 2016 being over lol, looking forward to more love medicine 😉💖 all the best for 2017 xxxx

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