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Happy 2017! Goals, resolutions and plans…

Wow, well 2016 was a real doozy, all things considered, and I’m glad to see the back of it, to be honest. But now we have a new year, a new slate and a new start. I love reflecting at this time of year and planning…planning good things and goals and being organised.

Toy bricks

I’m still thinking about the things I want to add into my life and the habits I want to drop, but here are a few of my perusings so far:

  1. Meditate

I have an app that I use sometimes and it’s great…when I do it. It makes me feel better and I’m more focused, I just need to add it in to my daily routine. 10 minutes a day. That’s all.

2. Eat more plant-based foods

Yeah, I’m stuffed full of turkey and trimmings and feel like a sloth. And don’t even ask about the duty free spirits we bought and drank!! I need a dose of green.

3. Do a chin up

Happy children are chinning up on the playground

No idea why. I just want to be able to do one like the girl in peach top. My boys have a bar they stick on the door frame. I have no excuses. I’ll report back and let you know how I go!!!

4. Spend only 30 minutes a day on social media

I have to do it for my job, but then it has to stop.

5. Play more

Geez, everything’s so serious and life is a lot about work. So, in the gaps, I’m going to get off Facebook and have some fun. We’ve started playing cards and board games again and I’m giving knitting a go, which is lovely….and… now the sad thing is, I’m trying to write a ‘fun’ list and can’t think of anything else. How did that happen?

-learn to crochet

-learn how to take decent photographs

-make some bread

-plan some trips (local day trips/afternoon walks/further afield drives to explore new places) and then do them!

-dust off the bike and try the new ‘pink’ cycle route in town

-plant some colour in the garden, then take time to sit out there and enjoy it

How about you? What are your goals, plans and resolutions for 2017? What are you going to do for fun?



18 thoughts on “Happy 2017! Goals, resolutions and plans…”

  1. Good on you Louisa I really need to get back on track with my diet and get back out walking I have had a couple trips to hospital for surgery towards the end of the year and am still having dressings done so as soon as this is all good I am determined to get myself back on track I lost a lot of weight and felt fabulous but it has slowed now and I need to be more positive, that is the main thing for me and of course keep reading

    Happy New Year

    Have Fun

  2. Its hard to think of “fun” things, isn’t it, Louisa? I know most things that I would class as fun are farily sedentary and probably wouldn’t be classed as fun by the fun police. Reading, watching TV/movies…..
    Looks like we might be heading overseas in September – might as well time it for AMBA right?? – as both our kids are moving to the northern hemisphere and we might just have to visit them 🙂 Travelling, another fun thing. Ha! Who says I cant do fun? 😉

    1. We all have our own ideas of fun, AA and yours sound just perfect to me…more of it, I say!! A trip overseas sounds wonderful, especially if it’s to see your lovely kids and spend time with the UK AMBA peeps!

  3. Louisa,
    I want to do all of yours plus I have one more. I want to watch less TV. I bought a BOSE radio for my office with my Christmas money. I’m planning to turn it on instead of the TV. I hope to use my time much more wisely.

    1. Oh, Susan, I absolutely agree. I think for me it’s generally ‘less screen time’. I’ve been trying that these last few days and have enjoyed gardening and playing board games instead. So much better than TV!!

  4. I usually have a “word of the year” that I try to keep in mind. It has been ruthless (as in getting rid of as much “stuff” around the house as possible), balance (as in doing things for others, but adding more things for me to be done too), and cleanse (as in purging myself from toxic friends, emails and “stuff”). Last year’s and this year’s word is “Nike” (as in “Just Do It” – because I have ONE word of the year and not three, LOL).
    Other than trying to do things as I see them needing to be done (even something so simple as closing a kitchen drawer while walking by), I also want to work more on converting my magnetic photo albums and loose photographs, etc. into scrapbooks. I was going great guns till a few years ago and am stagnating at 1992. I need to get caught up on that and my mending pile, so I’m telling myself to mend one item every day and at least move things around with the scrapbook pages every day too (as I can’t always get an entire page done every day). Standing up to scrapbook will be better for me than sitting at this computer anyway….
    As for fun, I still play competitive badminton 3-5 nights every week (and then 2 nights every week during the summertime when the schools are closed where I usually play).

  5. Sounds like your starting the new year right, I’m very limited but what I will be doing is carry on trying to use my wheel chair more so I can go out more especially with my kids, I’ve been out once in it to the zoo was a good day, I had it drummed into me only for family outings am I to use it as I shuffle for want of a better word with my sticks but its very painful for me especially more than 10 yards if that but I am going to have to use it so goal one is keep practicing going out in it but in my local area and try not to be bothered if I get gawped at which has happens before now just with me using my sticks I swear some people take one look at me and think ffs she must be using them because shes big if she lost weight she could walk, wrong I was losing weight when my fractures started crumbling I on themselves, apparently me over doing it exercising and losing to quick at the time made them start crumbling I where they had tried to repair themselves, I want to go to the swimming baths to see if that will help me I’ve been told wait till my leg heals first its almost 3 years since my leg first went super nova then I copped for a leg ulcer, got refers to the skin specialist unbeknownst to me he was checking to see if it looked cancerous I just wanted to see if he would allow me to try compression, sorry I digressed lol
    Another is that I will catch up my reading and will be reviewing every single book as i finish it be it on fb twitter and or good reads its the least I can do as all you amazing people who share your gift of writing amazing books keep me sane so that’s my biggest resolution 😊 have a wonderful 2017 everyone xxx

    1. Reviewing our books would be awesome, thank you Gwessie. I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems; slow and steady is the way and practice makes perfect with there wheelchair! Ignore the ignorant people and focus on having fun with your family- that’s the most important thing. I do hope you get the compression (depends on how well your arteries are working) and try to elevate your legs when you can (I used to be a leg ulcer nurse!!). All the best xxx

  6. A good list, Louisa! I’m right there with you on most of them – I want to start meditating, as I’ve heard how good it is for relaxation and focus. Didn’t know there was an app, but I should have, since there’s an app for everything! 🙂

    I need to plan my days better – I used to do well with that, but once all heck broke loose in my life a while ago, the schedule fell apart and even though things are calm now, I just haven’t made myself stick to one. Included in that is exercise (which also fell off my list of to-dos and boy, can I tell!) and slowly pulling my house together by purging and reorganizing closets and stuff a little bit at a time, instead of feeling overwhelmed and mostly ignoring it. As for fun, I think I’m fairly good at making time for that (which could have something to do with the disastrous closets…) But traveling is definitely high on my list!

    1. Small bites at things makes sense when it comes to sorting the house, I reckon, Robin! That way you don’t get overwhelmed.
      I hope the traveling includes the RWA conference in Florida??????

  7. Great list. I’ve started painting again. I haven’t done my art since high school. I’ve been walking more. I’m training to do a fairly easy hike up a mountain. Last time I went up this mountain 4 years ago I only made it to the upper tram station. It was huge because I’m terrified of heights. Now, I want to walk to the summit with my kids. I have walking poles and I’m training to walk the elevation. I need to cut back on social media as well and meditate too. I have a Fitbit watch that has a breathing section, so I’ve been trying that.

    1. Wow Amy- go you on the walking, it sounds awesome and you’re conquering your fears and seeing fit too!
      I didn’t know the fitbit had a breathing section—must check it out!

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