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What a difference two months make…

kate hardy sept 2015 400pxTwo months ago, I talked about losing my lovely old boy – and about our new little bundle of joy who’d joined our family.

What a difference two months make. When Archie first came home, he was tiny and could fit on my lap.






Now, he’s a whopping 15.9kg (about 5-9kg less than his full adult weight), though he still is a lapdog and he’ll hop onto my lap to have a snooze if I sit down in the evenings. (Otherwise he’s doing what a Proper Author’s Dog does and sits by my feet.)


He’s still at the toddler stage of being into everything and can reach almost to the back of the kitchen worktops (you would not believe how tidy my house is right now). You cannot leave newspapers or shoes about, or they *will* be trashed. He is completely banned from my office!

I have a string of very clashing deadlines at the moment, so I’m desperate for him to sleep in the day so I can work. The way to achieve this is to take him for a very long walk (he’s getting so much better at walking on a loose lead, thanks to puppy classes), and then he naps for an hour and a half and I can focus.

Obviously, being on deadline means that I’m a tiny bit stressed (!) and I’m eating way too many biscuits (shortbread being my favourite – but gingerbread men will do very nicely, thank you). But, because I’m going on all these long walks, my weight is staying the same. (Result!! Thank you, Archie.)

He’s quite a character – one of my friends captioned this pic “Cool Paw Archie” (aka Cool Hand Luke).


In fact, he’s been a total joy, and I think the thing that put the biggest lump into my throat when taking my son back to uni for the second term was when he sat on the kitchen floor hugging the puppy and they both looked so sad. (They’ll be reunited in the Easter holidays.) My Facebook feed is full of pictures and videos of him – and he’s got a starring role in both my current book and the book after next. Whether I manage to get a spaniel on the cover is another matter entirely… But I’m trying 😉

So my question for you today is: what’s your biscuit of choice?



10 thoughts on “What a difference two months make…”

  1. Well, not a dog biscuit, obviously! But it’s a tough choice. Hobnobs are right up there with langue du chat (ultra-thin crisp very buttery ‘cats’ tongues’ and Choco-Leibniz Balsen. And Nice biscuits. And malted milk. And ultra-gooey still-warm triple choc cookies. They probably win 🙂 Can you tell I’m on a diet?!

    And – erm – did Archie’s mummy go and play with a great Dane, by any chance?!!!!!! Back of the worktop? Sheesh! Can’t wait to see him again.

    Caroline xxx

    1. Yes, you can tell you’re on a diet 🙂 And Archie is a springer who lives up to his name! (He needs slightly better manners before he sees you again.) X

  2. You new baby is adorable. They grow so fast! My favorite cookie has to be plain pure butter shortbread, which is really hard to find in the US unless I bake it ( and who wants to bake when it’s 85 degrees outside) My favorite cookie that I actually bake is a poppyseed thumbprint cookie . thinkn a shortbread mixed with poppyseeds, baked in a in inch ball, then a hole is depressed in them as they come out of the oven. After they are cooled I fill them with a chocolate fudge filling. So addictive, and my cat loves the cookie part!

  3. Hi Kate

    Archie is adorable and I love seeing his photos and videos on Facebook and watching him grow so cool 🙂

    Seeing as I live in Australia I don’t think I would getaway without mentioning Tim Tams 🙂 but another of my favourites is Melting Moments and the good old Monte Carlo 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Thank you! He is a lovely boy – still a baby so we have to work on his manners, but he’s very funny and has a lovely temperament. Melting moments are lovely! X

    1. He’s very adorable. And a bit naughty 😉 Garibaldi’s quite an unusual choice, but I do know what you mean! X

  4. Puppies are so much fun except for the destruction of shoes and sofas. They just grin at you when they mess up. Hard not to love them.

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