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A walk … or a bubble bath?

On the eve of Valentine’s Day I have decided not to focus on romance and instead write about ‘me-time‘.  Whether or not you have a special someone to spoil you on the most romantic day of the year,  you can always spoil yourself .  Sometimes even when you do have a partner it’s nice to take time out alone and do something that you want to do.  My ritual at the end of each day for as long as I can remember has been to soak in a relaxing bath.  The room is softly lit by a scented candle and despite the obvious romantic connotations this is my time and my time alone. No man required. The closed door keeps out the world … including hubby … the only company is my fur-baby who falls asleep on the bath mat. This is my little bit of heaven and sanity every day. My daydreaming in a blanket of bubbles is never interrupted. My tub could be in the marble bathroom of New York penthouse or on a cruise ship  in the Caribbean. And there’s no set time of day for this slice of indulgence. I will run a bath at midnight if the day has run away from me.


And now I have found a new little piece of ‘me-time‘ that I am loving almost as much.  A long daily solo walk.  For the last seven weeks of weather, I have been donning my runners in the early evening and heading out the front door. With my headphones tuned to easy listening, which includes Michael Bolton and Richard Marx, I walk until the sun sets.


A different route everyday affords me the pleasure of admiring beautiful perfumed gardens, stunning, diverse architecture from turn of last century bungalows to modern apartments and the occasional furry gatekeeper. And my fitness level is gradually increasing … 3km is now closer to 6km without much huffing or puffing.


I hope you can spoil yourself by taking time away from everything now and then. Perhaps with a bubble bath … or a walk … or tucked up with a Mills & Boon Medical romance.


Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Warmest regards



4 thoughts on “A walk … or a bubble bath?”

  1. That does sound like a little piece of heaven right there, Susanne. I’m normally a shower girl but when it rains really heavily, there is nothing better than climbing into that big bubble bath, the one with claw feet that my mother restored from being out in the paddock for the cows to drink from, so it is very deep, and very long. If I’m driving home from work in heavy rain it’s always a lovely surprise when hubby has filled it and put on the candles.
    Happy Valentine’s day, to all. 🙂

  2. Hi Susanne

    I have to agree with you time for me is awesome and I rake as much as I can get I do my best to walk each day and I listen to audio books while doing so at the moment I am listening to Richard Armitage read Sylvester and it is good. So from me Happy Valentines day to everyone enjoy your day 🙂

    Have Fun

  3. My Me time is in my hot tub just about every night at sunset…..Live in Florida so I can use it most nights, and my hubby is disabled and can’t get in, so I go out on the deck, turn on some music, select the hot tub color lights and water fall and soak away while watching the sun set and the planes fly overhead ( I live near the Orlando Airport, planes can’t be avoided) Hubby has strict instructions to leave me alone unless there is something that requires paramedics. Sometimes i put my cat in her stroller and bring her out to enjoy the night with me!

  4. Susanne,
    I love the idea of a soaking bath each night. My me time is reading each night before I go to sleep. The house is quiet, there is nothing going on and it is just me and a book.

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