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Binge watching

It’s official.  I’ve finished a book and for a few days have been binge watching and binge reading.


Here’s the first binge.  Designated survivor.  If you hadn’t heard the term – go and google it now.  It’s completely fascinating.

Kiefer Sutherland is the poor sod who is the designated survivor for his party during the State of the Union address (probably because he’s about to be sacked) and BOOM!!!!!!!

He becomes the sole survivor of his party and the man who will be President.  You’ve never met anyone more than Kiefer who doesn’t want to do this.  That’s what makes this perfect.  Throw in intrigue, back-stabbing, more dastardly deeds and characters with more faces than lives, then you have this addiction.

It’s just stopped for the mid-season break and I’m in agony!

My second binge is this


Found on Netflix this 6 part australian series Glitch has everything the cat threw at it.

Handsome local copper.  Check

Pregnant wife.  Check

  1.  Founder of the town
  2. 1960’s housewife
  3. Young murdered woman
  4. Former World War soldier
  5. Mysterious immigrant
  6. Handsome local copper’s dead wife

What?????  YES!!!!  These people crawl out of their graves and their stories are fascinating.

There’s also a weird drug company and another mad copper and an equally mad local doctor.

Don’t panic folks.  Just right off six hours of your life and settle down and watch.

As for binge reading????

booksI may be quite a while……………….

in the meantime, feel free to give me more Netflix recommendations and anymore book recommendations!


Love Scarlet xx


15 thoughts on “Binge watching”

  1. Hi Scarlet

    Sorry can’t help with any TV shows I really don’t watch TV although the Aussie shows different 😀 books yes that could be a long list one that I have not long finished is a time slip by debut author Phillipa Nefri Clark called The Stationmaster’s Cottage was fabulous and I am loving Fiona Lowe’s Daughter of Mine.

    I will be boarding a train soon bound for home after being at The Australian Romance Readers Association convention in Melbourne for the weekend I can see reading and sleeping in this jouney 😀

    Have Fun


  2. Glitch had quite the following here, when it was on free to air, Scarlett although I confess I avoided it because shows with paranormal elements aren’t my cup of tea.
    As far as Netflix recs – Jane the Virgin!

  3. I binged watched Downton Abbey during Christmas. My eyes were square after that. I’m going to take a day to do Poldark one day soon.

  4. I see some books in that pile I’m going to have to download. Not that I’ve got time for much reading at the moment with a book on the go, but always love having some waiting (okay the pile is humumgus) for the moment I type The End.

  5. I loved Glitch! I think there is another season coming too, hooray!! Another good Aussie television drama with a short season (so won’t take up too much of your binge time) was Wanted starring Rebecca Gibney. Not sure if it’s on Netflix but worth watching if you can find it.

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