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7 reasons for a coffee fix

It may be very unEnglish and a blasphemy to my tea-obsessed British heritage but the first thing I reach for in the morning is a cup of coffee. Then, at about 11am I do the same. And then again around 2pm… I think it’s safe to say, I LOVE it and would be hard pressed to function without it. I’ve just been thinking about the characters in my 20 books and I don’t think I’ve ever referred to anyone drinking tea…perhaps that’s not a proper reflection of the general population? LOL

Coffee berries still on the tree, Hawaii

There are lots of benefits to coffee drinking, apparently:

  1. It makes you smarter… something to do with neurotransmitters and increased firing of neurons. Bring it on, I say!

2. It’s a fat burner…need I say more?

Coffee beans drying in the sun, Hawaii

3. It makes us faster, by increasing the adrenaline in our blood….having just had a cup I wish you could how fast my fingers are whizzing across the keypad! 😉

4. It contains lots of good things; manganese, potassium, magnesium and riboflavin (I have no idea what this does, but it used to be written on breakfast cereal packets near Niacin, so it must be good for us)

Coffee bean close-up, before roasting, Hawaii

5. Potentially could protect against degenerative brain disease and Alzheimers… as someone with this terrible disease in the family I really, really hope it does.

6. It lowers the risk of depression

7. george


That is all.


Are you a coffee aficionado? Instant? Bean? Purely tea? Both? Neither? Don’t care?


9 thoughts on “7 reasons for a coffee fix”

  1. George!!! love it. I love the smell of coffee but can’t stand drinking it; but do love anything coffee flavored from mocha shakes to chocolate covered coffee beans, ice cream and last year’s Holiday M & M’s. Prefer tea for a hot drink, but don’t drink much of that; I’d rather have a big glass of iced tea (especially southern sweet tea).

    1. George!!! I think I’m going to try put George into all of my blogs from now on!!!
      It’s weird, but I adore coffee but don’t like coffee-flavoured things!!
      I love southern sweet tea too!!!

  2. Hi Louisa

    I too love my coffee and it is the first thing I have in the morning and a few times during the day as well but I love tea as well but made with tea leaves and out of a pot preferably 🙂

    Have Fun

  3. My family would like it on record that until and unless I get coffee at least twice a day, I am UNREASONABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is of course utter fiction, but they won’t be moved. We start the day with tea. 3 cups, then I get up and make breakfast with filter coffee and take it back to bed. Yes, he’s retired, and yes, we’re lazy in the mornings! And then, up, washed, dressed, my second cup from the jug, followed by ‘So where are we going for coffee?’ Decision made, we set off, either together if we have something else to do, or separately if he’s got something boring to do and I just have to get my coffee fix – skinny cappuccino, with or without cake 😉

    So maybe my family are right. Whatever, the minute I finish writing this and have drained my second cup of the morning from the jug, I shall be out of the door on the hunt for today’s fix. And then, absolutely in a perfect frame of mind, firing on all cylinders and zinging with anticipation, I’ll come home and start to write the new book. Unless I get an invitation to coffee with a friend or my daughter…

    1. Absolute fiction, Caroline!!!! I love how you go out for coffee…especially with cake–the very best way to enjoy it!!!
      Good luck with today’s hunt- I hope you find a good one!! xx

  4. I start the day with many cups of tea, (the first two in bed looking out the window at the sea) then later in the morning I swap to coffee. Love both. If I’m out at a café definitely coffee – so yummy and so many choices. I probably overload with caffeine and hence the bad sleeping habits, but give either of these up? No way.

  5. Coffee!! George!! More Coffee!! 🙂

    Yes, hubby and I both must start the day with coffee. I’ve become addicted to French pressed. It’s easy to make because we have a hot water faucet – if we didn’t, I probably wouldn’t bother with it every morning. But because it has a strong flavor (and, it seems to me, more caffeine somehow), I don’t drink as much as I would regular brewed coffee. Then, a bit later, it’s on to tea! My current favorite to drink while writing is Lemon Lift (I confess to using the un-English teabag). In the later afternoon when I don’t want caffeine anymore because I’ll be up half the night, I’ve been drinking peppermint tea, which supposedly helps us become more alert. Not sure that’s true, as I occasionally feel a need for a short nap anyway…:-)

  6. I’m one of the change people in the world. I don’t drink coffee. I’m all about the tea. Especially iced tea. Even drink it with snow on the ground. I put something about hot tea or going to afternoon tea in every one of my medicals. I have fun figuring out different ways to do it.

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