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A Drum Roll Tattoo, by Fiona McArthur

Christmas 2014.

That’s how long since I’ve had a new book out in Medical Romance. My last two Lyrebird Lake books in the series were my last publication with Harlequin Mills and Boon. I’ve been playing over at Penguin with my contemporary fiction books and a non-fiction midwifery anthology…

Until now. 🙂


Ta da! I’m so excited to be back and I promise it won’t be so long until the next instalment.

Door opens. In steps Ellie and Sam.

I’ve given you the Australian cover version because it’s my first cover with a tattoo on my hero. I can’t believe Sam didn’t tell me he had one.

I’ve only just found out, and as a mother of five sons and no tattoos, he’s the first one of my children to do that. It was a ‘blink’ moment but I think it suits him. I may have to write a short story to find out when it arrived. What do you think of a doctor with a tattoo?

So…I’ve started a whole new series set in Lighthouse Bay and would love you to visit this small hospital perched on the edge of the cliff, far northern NSW. Come meet my midwives, babies, and sexy new (mysteriously tattooed) doctors with blue, blue ocean, white sand and my quirky little town called Lighthouse Bay.

Like a glass of champagne this book bubbled up and put a zing in my day that made me smile. And made me remember how much I enjoyed the immersion of being in a love story in a medical romance novel. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Speaking of Lighthouses – next week I’m staying in one.

Technically, it’s the Head Lightkeeper’s Cottage, but we’ll be sipping champagne in the dark, our backs against the white tower, watching the beams flash out over the ocean and listening to the waves a long way below. For three days of writing and long nights of desultory conversation, with my dear writing friends Bronwyn Jameson and Elle Findlay, I’ll be cooking up adventures in Lighthouse Bay. It’s a very special place. Just ask Amy Andrews. Jealous Amy? 🙂



In US – http://bit.ly/2mDHptl

In UK- http://bit.ly/2lMVOG6

In Australia – http://bit.ly/2lhhHKd

Falling for the midwife

Midwife Ellie Swift has devoted herself to beautiful Lighthouse Bay’s tiny hospital. After a painful divorce, she’s vowed never to get involved with another man—but then the sexy new locum obstetrician walks through the door!

Despite his own damaged heart, Sam Southwell is captivated by Ellie’s warmth and compassion. She’s a woman who deserves the fairytale! It won’t be easy to change her mind but Sam’s never walked away from a challenge…

Have you got any tattoo tales? Surprises. Ones of your own. I need inspiration for that short story I need to write. 🙂

Happy reading and see you next time xx Fi

19 thoughts on “A Drum Roll Tattoo, by Fiona McArthur”

  1. I’ve already finished the story. So good to see you back! I loved this story and struggled with not wanting to put the book down vs. not wanting the story to end. Thanks!

    1. Ah, thank you, Nancy. Lovely to hear from you as well. I’m so glad you enjoyed Ellie and Sam’s story, they had a very clear movie in my head, and were both ‘real’ people to me. That’s the nice thing about starting a series because I can see how they are going in the next book. Thanks again for your comment and warmest regards Fi

  2. Hi Fiona

    I love that Sam arrived with a tattoo LOL what a story and I do have this one calling to me from my kindle can’t wait to dive into it I am really looking forward to visiting Lighthouse Bay, I am way behind in my reading at the moment with being at ARRC the other weekend.
    Have a wonderful weekend away with some great friends I am sure there will be lots of writing and fun

    Have Fun

  3. Welcome back, Fi! Lovely to know that you’re back, and it sounds as if Sam and Ellie are gorgeous. FABULOUS cover, and he is utterly luscious! And I don’t normally like tattoos, but I’d forgive him his any day! LOL. Off to download the book, and heaven help my work schedule. I have a feeling Sam and Ellie are going to get right in the way!

    Caroline x

    1. Waving to Caroline. Thanks so much and lovely of you to comment. I can still remember visiting you one day from my Aunt’s house. Such a lovely afternoon warmest regards Fiona

  4. Woo hoo, can’t wait to read this one, Fiona. Awesome cover and the tattoo is great. I don’t like dark, all over the body tattoos, but some like this one get the tick from me, Not that I’m ever likely to rush off and get one, mind.

  5. Great cover. I’m not a big fan of ink but we have an entire generation of inked 20-30 year olds and yes, we will see doctors with them I am sure. Big fan of lighthouses though. Have stayed at Cape Otway keeper’s cottage. Congratulations on your new book baby!

    1. Thanks Fiona. I have Bronwyn Jameson with me here and we are loving it. She’s a lighthouse fan we may have to look yours up for a furture visit xxFi

  6. Soooooooooooooooo jealous!!!! I remember our weekend retreat there with such fondness, Fi 🙂
    Great to see you have another book out! I have just written a heavily tattooed and lumberjack bearded doc for my Xmas medical. I am holding my breath over that cover 😉

    1. Can’t wait. Adored the review of your footy guy on ARRA the other day, Amy, and the cover on that one. Off to download it now I’ve remembered again 🙂 xxFI
      We did think of you 🙂 as the beam went out

  7. Fiona,
    It is wonderful to have you back in the fold. I like your new cover and love a lighthouse. Do enjoy you time away. Sounds like great fun. I’ll be staying in one in Maine in May. So looking forward to it.

    1. A Lighthouse in Maine, that’s sounds like a book title 🙂 to me. It was divine, thanks Susan
      warmest regards Fiona

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