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Hero, hero, who loves a hero?

I am getting ready to write a new book, which is always an exciting prospect! One of a quad. And I am stoked. Because I’d already written a quad with the same fabulously talented authors, under the Hot Latin Docs! umbrella. We had a blast planning those books. And we’re already having fun figuring out how we’re going to link these new books, and most importantly…our heroes–hunky firefighters and paramedics who work out of the same station house. They also shared the same foster home growing up.

Did I mention how excited I am?

So, in planning my particular hero, Deakin Patera, I am having to figure out what makes this guy tick. Who is Deakin Patera? I’m discovering him little by little. And that makes me curious about what kind of heroes readers connect with.

I write a lot of playboys, but one of my favorite types of heroes is the angsty, broody, wounded, damaged, scarred–you get the picture–hero. Sometimes I dive so deep into the angst, though, that my hero has a hard time holding his breath long enough to reach the surface and retrieve his happily-ever-after. So this time, I will plan carefully (famous last words!).

Do you like angsty heroes? Or are you more of a fan of a hero with witty comebacks? Swashbucklers? Playboys? Bad boys? What kind of hero makes you go weak in the knees? I really want to know!

In the meantime, here are the covers from our Hot Latin Docs! quad, written by Annie O’Neill, Amy Ruttan, me, and Amalie Berlin. It was hard to leave those heroes behind, but I know I’m going to love this new cast of characters just as much!

10 thoughts on “Hero, hero, who loves a hero?”

  1. My hero has to be smart, and doesn’t see himself as a hero. he is just doing his job. Being Hunky cute is a plus, and whatever he has overcome in his past helps to mold his future.

    1. Laurie, I definitely love it when a hero is a hero just because of who he is, and not because of how hard he tries to be one! And smart is a must-have characteristic for me as well!

  2. Hi Tina

    Firstly I loved those Hot Latin Docs they all made me smile 🙂

    Picking one type of favourite hero is a hard question for me you see I have a soft spot for them all and it can depend on my mood as to which one I want fall in love with at the time I pick a book UP LOL.

    I must say I do love a hero who has a good sense of humour with a bad boy streak witty comebacks rakes modern and past because you know rakes make the best heroes ??

    Sorry I am no help I love them all and I know I am going to love this new series

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, I think you hit the nail on the head. Different heroes for different moods! Or different heroes to help offset your current mood. In a funk? Maybe a funny hero is just what you need to lift you out of it. Need a good triumph-over-tragedy story? Then maybe a bit of angst is in order.

      I think you’re on to something!

  3. Awesome cant wait loved the last quarter so very looking forward to this quartet as well, medicos and firefighters I’m swooning already, I love them all from brooding tragic pasts to annoyingly stubborn commitment phones and witty playboys even the jokesters’ cant wait for love is always the bed medicine 😉💖

    Love n hugs xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Gwessie! So glad you loved the last quartet! I hope some of the fun we had collaborating on those came through. And with so many types of heroes, there is something for everyone. And love truly is the best medicine, you’re right!

  4. I like a strong hero with a weakness that only the heroine can see. He’s all tough and hard until she gets the better of him.
    Tina, it sounds like your new book is going to be fun.

  5. I love me a laidback hero, Tina. The kind that takes everything in his stride and can get more achieved with a smile and a witty phrase than any blackmail or alpha-holeness 🙂

    Love those Latin doc covers!

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