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The Affects of a Great Story

I have discovered an author that really hits the mark.Book

I know Tami Hoag has been writing books for a while

but for some reason I’d never read one.

Well, I am now going to read everything she’s ever written.

I started A Thin Dark Line last Sunday while staying in town with a friend. At the end of chapter one (late at night) I got up and closed my bedroom window, then checked out the rest of the house to make sure we were safe. Not that we would’ve been if Ms Hoag’s protagonist had been on the prowl in Nelson.

This is a look into the dark side of people’s characters, and since I love crime stories, riveting. I only put it down when I absolutely couldn’t avoid appointments. As for that window? I was doubling checking everything.

And I want to read more, you say. Absolutely. This is writing at its best. Really drew me in.

Have you ever read a book that had you looking over your shoulder? Or considering situations in a different way?

On a lighter side, and with no interruptions to your sleep, here is my latest HM&B Medical. Set in the Sinai Peninsula with army medics, it’s amazing what can happen when the hero and heroine’s usual parameters are thrown aside.

Resisting Her Army Doc Rival



6 thoughts on “The Affects of a Great Story”

  1. Hi Sue

    I don’t read a lot of frime stories so not checking windows etc buf I am often left day dreaming about gorgeous strong heroes after the romances I read 😀 love it when I find a new to me author with lots of books to read.
    I have your bew one calling to me from my kindle 😀

    Have Fun


    1. Yes, well, Helen, there is something special about a mouth-watering hero, I have to agree. Hope you enjoy my latest. Cheers.

  2. I don’t read many thrillers but I have watch some movies that had me looking under the bed. Alfred Hitchcock’s movies still do. I’m going to check out Tami Hoag. She sounds good.

  3. I dont really read much crime, Sue. I dont like being scared 🙂 Although I used to read more widely in crime/action/thriller genres.

    I’m with Susan on Alfred Hitchcock movies. I’m still looking over my shoulder whenever a few birds start flocking together…..

    1. Those movies were very powerful, weren’t they? It’s weird feeling so unsettled from a book or movie.

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