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The RoNAs 2017! by Kate Hardy

A couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled to attend the Romantic Novelists’ Association annual awards do. It was especially lovely because I’m good friends with everyone who was shortlisted for the RoNA Rose award, and I was really looking forward to catching up with everyone. Louisa Heaton was up for her first nomination, Scarlet Wilson for her fifth, and me for my seventh (OK, so I’m greedy…). And it was FAB.

Sadly, Louisa went down with a nasty bug the day before the awards (and we missed her so much!).

They say that a picture tells a thousand words, so I’m telling most of our day by pictures.

Firstly we had lunch with the editors at the Corinthia. Anticlockwise from me – that’s editor Bryony Green, Christy McKellen, editor Linda Fildew, Virginia Heath, editor Sheila Hodgson, Scarlet Wilson, and editor Megan Haslam.


Then we had some pink fizzy in Scarlet’s room and dressed up before heading to the Gladstone Library at One Whitehall Place. (It’s pretty much opposite the London Eye.)

Look at the amazing staircase!


And our shortlisted books were on show.


And then it was time for the official photographs. (LTR Scarlet, Christy, me, Virginia.)


And then we waited nervously at the table next to our editors…


for the awards to be announced by Prue Leith…


And it went to our Scarlet!


And she made a fabulous acceptance speech 🙂


Congratulations, Scarlet Wilson – and it was a real pleasure to be there!


6 thoughts on “The RoNAs 2017! by Kate Hardy”

  1. Hi Kate

    Woohoo huge congrats to you all for being nominated and yay Scarlet thank you so much for the lovely photos maybe one day I will get to England and we can have a cuppa 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. SUCH an amazing day/night! Big bummer for Louisa to have been smote down, but there’s always next year! You always do the best photo montages, Kate. Very exciting to have more Medical Authors names on The Beautiful Rose Bowl. Well won Scarlet! I am sure your name will be on the bowl again Kate. x Annie

  3. Thank you for the wonderful photos, Kate! I almost feel like I was there to cheer everyone on – maybe one day! It looks like it was a fabulous day. Big congratulations to Scarlet – WOOT! 🙂

  4. Thanks folks. I was a little stunned that night and had such fun with all the other writers that were there. The Gladstone library is such a stunning setting and I got to meet Mrs Bakeoff!

  5. Oh I love RoNA blogs!! Thanks for posting the pics, Kate and go all our med girls on being nominated. Congrats on the win, Scarlet. I listened to your acceptance speech on a FB video somewhere and it was awesome but all I can say is 50% girlfriend,50% 😉

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