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An interview with Aussie reader Helen Sibbritt

This year’s ARRC was held in Melbourne

I’m thrilled today to feature one of Romancelandia’s greatest advocates and supporters – reader extraordinaire, Helen Sibbritt. Helen is a romance fan from way back, a voracious reader and dedicated reviewer, who is also a super active member of the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA). I caught up with Helen at ARRA’s biennial convention, held this year in Melbourne in February, and she kindly agreed to answer a few questions for Love is the Best Medicine.  

AVRIL: Tell us a little bit about the Australian Romance Readers Association (ARRA) and why you’re a member.

Helen with ARRC2017 special guest the Fairy King

HELEN: Well, this fabulous organization started in 2008 to enable readers and authors to get together with a convention. They have since organized five conventions and many, many other reader events that I’ve been a part of. I’m a member because I love the interaction between readers and authors, the friends I’ve made, and the awesome book recommendations!

AVRIL: What were the highlights for you of this year’s Convention?

HELEN: So many! the wonderful morning and afternoon teas that I had with authors, the Awards dinner on Saturday night, and panels discussing so many subjects involving the books I love to read.

AVRIL: What are some of the other activities ARRA undertakes to bring writers and readers together?

HELEN: There have been High Teas, Book launches for authors, and readers’ getaways for the weekend where lots of chocolates are consumed during fun trivia nights.

AVRIL: Can you give us an idea of how many books you read in a year?

HELEN: Well last year I read 208 books – that is the most I’ve read after challenging myself on Goodreads to read 200. So yay for me! I loved it.

Fiona Lowe, Amy Andrews and Helen Sibbritt at ARRC2017

AVRIL: What kinds of books do you gravitate towards?

HELEN: That is a hard question for me as I read across all of the romance genres although not as many paranormals and sci-fi as contemporary, erotic, historical and the Harlequin M&B lines. I do love the Medicals and the Presents, Blaze and Desire.

An Avril Tremayne goody bag from the ARRC2017 Meet An Author morning tea

AVRIL: Do you have any pet hates in romance novels?

HELEN: A whingy heroine – although I don’t come across many of them. But that would be about all. I’m pretty easygoing and most stories will keep me turning the pages.

AVRIL: If you were in charge of bringing medical romances to new readers, how would you describe them?

HELEN: Explain the emotion, the empathy, and just how moving they are. There’s always lots going on in this category. Gorgeous heroes that come to the rescue of heroines, and there are often children and pets in them that add so much to the stories. And they deal with real life situations and health issues that people deal with every day they make me smile and cry – so yes, the emotion in them. And most of them are also very sensual with such sexy heroes.

A selection from Helen’s medical romance library

AVRIL: What was the last medical romance you read, and what will be the next one?

HELEN: Dante’s Shock Proposal – #4 in the Hot Latin Docs series by Amalie Berlin – and wow, what a story what a series! Next one is Her Hot Highland Doc by Annie O’Neil, although I do have all of March’s releases on my kindle.









AVRIL: Do you have any message you’d like to send to medical authors in general?

HELEN: Thank you so much for the awesome hours of pleasure you have given me. I have been able to lose myself in these stories – cry, laugh, drool over heroes and just simply enjoy.


26 thoughts on “An interview with Aussie reader Helen Sibbritt”

  1. A lovely interview Avril. Helen encapsulates every authors dream reader. Someone who thoroughly immerses herself in the story, and delights in the journey she takes with each book. Her support of Australian authors through ARRA is to be commended.

  2. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Helen in person and she’s a warm and enthusiastic reader. I hope Helen, you’re having a fabulous significant birthday cruise 🙂 Fiona x

    1. We have had a fabulous cruise back home now and back to reality LOL but I will have more reading time I am a bit behind at the moment. I just thank you all for the hours of pleasure you have given me

      have Fun

  3. Helen, hopefully one day we’ll meet face-to-face so I can give you a great big HUG. xoxo Have a great birthday cruise, you deserve it.

  4. Happy Birthday Cruise to Helen! You are such a bright light – I get enthused by your enthusiasm! I hope you have a wonderful holiday (get a chance to read loads more books) and know that your generous heart and infectious passion for reading is genuinely appreciated! Happy birthday! x Annie O’Neil

  5. Fabulous interview! I wish I could read over 200 books a year! Wowzer! Hope you’re enjoying your cruise, Helen. The pics so far on FB look amazing. Thanks for all that you do to support us writers xxx

  6. Lovely to have you blogging with us, Helen! Your support and enthusiasm mean so much. And yes, I agree with you on whingy heroines 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your significant birthday cruise xxx

  7. So fun to read this interview–thank you Avril! Helen, I hope you know how much we all appreciate your reading and reviews. It means a lot to us! And I’m with Amy – I so hope to meet you in person someday to give you a big hug and yak about life and books 🙂

  8. What a great interview, Avril, and a huge thank you to Helen, not only for your insightful answers but for your love of reading! It’s wonderful to hear from readers and I hope you get through a few books on your cruise 🙂

  9. Hi Everyone

    I am sitting in the coffee shop on board Pacific Jewel after just having an ice-cream after a day trip and a swim at the beautiful island of Mare we are having a lovely cruise the weather has been amazing and the food is awesome I am going to put on so much weight LOL.

    I love the stories I have read and look forward to many more you Guys Rock woohoo

    Have Fun

  10. Helen,
    Thanks for you support as a reader. No author loves more than to have someone appreciate their work. We love readers like you!

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