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And they said it wouldn’t last!

Hubby and I have just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. Here we are still crazy in love thanks to snapchat!


I met Mark when I was 16. He was my friend’s brother’s friend. He came to my door to pick up my friend for her brother and BOOM!!! It was literally love at first sight (for me – took him a few more weeks 🙂 ). I knew the day I met him I was going to marry him. So I just smile and nod and pity people who tell me that I write “fairytales” because there’s no such as love at first sight because I live it everyday!

Our first wedding anniversary we spent in Liverpool, in England. 26 years later we stayed a little closer to home and decided to go away for the night, just to a local mountain lodge only about 15 minutes away. It was lovely…such a beautiful view.


And yes….pretty drinks  🙂

We were even spoilt with 2 beds!


I won’t tell you what my husband’s suggestion was regarding our bed choices. I’m sure if you have a partner whose mind works in a similar way to mine, you’ll know….

So, now I want to know how long you’ve been with your husband/boyfriend/partner? Or what’s the longest you’ve been in a relationship? How did you meet and was it love at first sight? Or did things take a little longer?




24 thoughts on “And they said it wouldn’t last!”

  1. It wasn’t love at first sight. Actually the opposite. But our mutual dislike quickly morphed into a friendship and one day we made a decision to “go out”. From that moment I saw him through different eyes. Three weeks after we started officially dating I knew we would get married. We were both 17 and in February this year we celebrated ten years of marriage. Oh, and yes, my hubby would have had plenty of suggestions about the two beds!!!

  2. So sweet, id attempt to christen both beds 😉 been with my hubby for 29 years this August married for 14 this may, I was 18 he was 32 ( cheeky git thought I was 26 I put him right though he said it was my maturity lol), this many years have taught me never to go bed angry, only fight about inconsequential stuff and always communicate its working for us,

    Huge congrats to you both dear lady xxxx💖xxxx

  3. We started dating Labour Day weekend (beginning of September), he bought my ring in October, I quit dating other guys in October (LOL) because I realized that HE was serious, he proposed on Christmas Day (and my mom said yes that I would marry him and I said I’d think about it, as it was too soon – he was 31 and I was only 21), I said yes two days later (even though my lists of why I did NOT want to marry and did not want to marry HIM were much longer than their opposite lists), and we wed that July (because the plant shut down for two weeks where he worked).
    Been married almost 36 years. Better than ever now.

  4. Congratulations! I was married at a ridiculously young age considering I had no plans to get married. He was older and I think he got me when I said, ‘I can’t get married because I have so many things I want to do’ (study & travel) and he said, ‘we’ll do them together.’ Like everyone here, we’ve belied the odds to still be together. Love at first sight though? Nah! Second sight maybe 😉

    1. Yes I do believe I told Mark I wouldn’t marry him,Fiona, unless travelling overseas was our first priority. I didn’t want marriage to kill my dreams. We moved to the Uk 9 months after out wedding so he took me pretty seriously 🙂
      Its funny, a good friend’s parents said we were too young and I wouldn’t have a career and we’d never go overseas because we’d end up having babies instead. They were so proud of their daugher because she didnt rush into marriage but she never went overseas either and we had our first babies in the same year! I guess we showed them 🙂

      1. I think if you start off with the same plans it helps! We had two five year plans we stuck to like glue. The third 5 year plan went off the rails when the pregnany didn’t happen and I don’t think we’ve had once since. Might be time to instigate the five year plan again now the youngest is almost 19!

  5. I met my husband a few days before Christmas in 1978. My 2 college roomies and I all lived within a 3 hour drive, so we decided to meet up and go out to dinner in Milwaukee, which was the “big city, and conveniently right in the middle) After dinner we went to one of those fancy discos with the lighted dance floor. None of us had boyfriends at the time, we were all just starting careers as nurses and suffering through the initiation of night shifts. There were some cute guys who kept looking our way, and finally one of them asked me to dance. As the night went on he asked me for my phone number…. but he was celebrating his 21st birthday and seemed to be drinking quite a bit. I knew I’d never hear from him, because he’d never remember, but I got a call from him the day after Christmas. We made a movie date for New Year’s day, which got cancelled because of a bad snow storm, but the next weekend we finally had our date. We married in 1980.

  6. Fabulous story! My husband proposed to me after only knowing me three weeks (we’d met four times) and I said yes! Twenty years later we’re still together, with four teenagers and I still like him. Occasionally. Mostly when he’s doing the housework! My husband said it was love at first sight for him, it took me a bit longer, but obviously not that much!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I had love at first sight too. Met my hubby, whose best friend was dating my best friend (they didn’t end up together). I knew the moment I met him I was going to marry him. He proposed in 6 months of dating. Our 15th anniversary is in October, but we’ve known each other for 18 years.

  8. I love these stories. I met my husband while I was in college. I rode home with his brother. My husband came to the same college the next year. He is a year younger than me. We were great friends before we started dating. In fact, my husband was engaged to his high school sweet heart when we first met. We have four children and will soon have four grandchildren. Have travel over a great deal of the world, and seen all but one of the 50 states. In October we will have been married 35 years.We are still in love. I have no trouble writting about true love becasue I know what it is.

  9. Go you two, Amy. Mega congrats. Looks like you had a fabulous night celebrating. I’ve been with my man for twenty four years now and I fell in love with his laugh before I even set eyes on him. Wicked, to match his sense of humour.
    Here’s to many more happy years for you two. Hugs, Sue

  10. Woohoo happy anniversary Amy way to go we have been married for 40 years this month and yes it was love at first sight I too knew we would marry, I was 15 he was 17 and again we were told it wouldn’t last and we did a cruise for our anniversary congrats 🙂

    Have Fun

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