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Mayday, mayday…

Happy 1st May!

may 1st

For many around the world today is a day of fun and rest and a day off work. For the rest of us, it’s just another normal work day (down here in NZ we don’t celebrate May day but we do have a Labour Day in October in our spring).

People celebrating midsummer with dance around the maypole
spring flowers

Traditionally 1st May celebrates spring (and an official wave goodbye to winter), it’s the pagan festival of Beltane and there’s a good deal of Morris dancing and maypole dancing happening (well, it did in the north of England where I grew up!). I remember going to spring festivals and fairs as a child and carrying freesia flowers to church for the May procession and wishing wishing wishing I’d get picked as the May queen (fyi; never happened.) I remember day trips out to the seaside and walking huddled half over along a freezing seafront pretending it was warm and sunny, eating candy floss and breathing bracing sea air. It’s also a day set aside for International Workers Day and for, oddly, chimney sweeps, as it’s one guaranteed day they could take off and have fun. I’m so glad I’m not a chimney sweep- one day of fun? Like, for a whole year? Yikes.

legs of dancing morris men

Down here in the middle of autumn it’s hard to think about spring shoots, we’re busy harvesting the rest of our veggies and wondering what to do with a glut of green capsicum (answer: soup). It’s getting cold now and I’ve got the heater blowing warm air as I write this. I’m chasing a deadline and would be working regardless of whether it’s a day off for workers or not. This worker needs to get the book finished on time.

So, are you celebrating May day? What are you doing? If not, what would be your perfect way to spend a day off work?

may chalkboard



8 thoughts on “Mayday, mayday…”

  1. We don’t have May Day on the States. We have Labor day the first Monday of September. Herein Florida were are firmly into summer and 90 degree daily temperatures. It’s been so dry because we have not had rain since January except a 3 minute shower a few weeks ago.
    As for excess capsicum (Green garden peppers ?) I like to stuff them with ground meat and rice and tomatoes, cover with marinara, bake and top with melted cheese. I also make a stuffed pepper soup. Yum. http://www.thecountrycook.net/stuffed-pepper-soup/

    1. Wow, Laurie, thanks for the recipe it looks awesome! I’ve printed it off and will make it for the family. I’m always on the look out for things to do with overly abundant vegetables!! Keep that sunshine going for when I arrive for the RWA conference in July!!!

  2. H Louisa

    We don’t do May Day here in Australia as a public holiday but I am sure they still quietly have a march on the Sunday closest to it we do Labour Day in October. So for me today I am reading I am so far behind in my reading it is scary 🙂

    Have Fun

  3. We don’t do May Day here either. But I do remember one year my son was invited to participate in a May pole event with a 100 or so people who have had a transplanted organ. This one woman organized them all. Can you imagine people from 6 to 75 all moving in different directions holding a colorful ribbon? I was amazing and beautiful. I thought that day I wish it was a holiday for us.
    The heater a put away here and I’ve had to turn on the A/C. I’ve got my tomato plants in the ground.
    Happy May Day everyone.

    1. Wow, that would have been an amazing sight (as long as they managed to keep the ribbons from getting tangled–which was always a problem for me! LOL). Sounds like you’re well into spring now!!

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