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Taking a Break

love is bestI am currently on a seven week trip on the other side of the world from New Zealand. We are visiting Europe and avoiding some of the southern winter.

And guess what? No writing is getting done.

Yep, the desk is cleared, the notes filed, the latest book signed off and I am free!

But not quite. The brain doesn’t stop thinking up story ideas not matter what else is going on in my life. Last time we went to Europe I remember writing plot notes sitting on the train and the long, tedious twelve hour flights heading to the northern hemisphere and then home again.

I have another M&B Medical to write when I get home and the hero and heroine will not play the game. They have issues, sure, but are they going to make it easy for me to sort them and give them the happy ever after? Not likely. Then there’s a crime story I’m writing and which needs lots of thinking about – but not while I’m tripping around Germany or Croatia please.

This is nothing new. Ever since I was a kid stories have tramped through my head. (Tramping is hiking in Kiwi speak – just so as you don’t get wrong ideas about me as a kid.) Going to bed meant making up stories not going to sleep. Guess that’s why taking a holiday from writing only means the fingers will be still, not the brain. Oh well, bring it on, and make that a bestseller please.


13 thoughts on “Taking a Break”

  1. Enjoy your trip! I don’t write, (I am the world’s best procrastinator) but every time I go somewhere i see someone or something that makes me want to ‘file”it in my head for a future story. Guess I’ll just have to send my ideas to you all. At least you’s know what to do with them!

    1. Now Laurie, you need to sit down and begin tapping the keyboard. Or yes, would love to hear your ideas. We could create magic. Or nonsense. !!!

  2. Sue,
    It is always wonderful to get away. For me it clears the brain so those stories will come. Enjoy your time off and bring us back some great stories.

    1. Working on it, Susan. We are having a blast, and yes, I think that when I get home stories will start nudging me.

    1. Thanks, Helen. Fingers crossed that the brain (???)will paly ball and stories will appear. We are having a fabulous time.

    1. Hey there, Louisa. We are having a blast. Plenty of photos – you won’t really want to see them all. See you in a few weeks.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Annie. As long as we don’t have first hand experience of the medical scene I think I’ll dream up something.

  3. Sue ~ I hope you are having a wonderful time in Europe.

    Someone you might know just won the Amgem Tour of California. George Bennett, born in Nelson, New Zealand, ended up at the top of the podium with the Yellow Jersey. He’s such a great bike rider and he sounds like a wonderful person as well.

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