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Love is the answer

kate hardy sept 2015 400pxI’m writing this with a really heavy heart, given the events of Saturday night in London. But I’m also writing with a sense of defiance, because the extremists who seem to hate just about everything do NOT have the right to tell me what to think, do, wear or anything else for that matter. And I’m not letting them win by letting them suck the joy and the love out of my life. (Or the bigots who are using this as an excuse for spewing vileness and hatred against anyone who doesn’t look or sound like them.)

So if this seems light and frothy and inappropriate, I apologise, because recent events have hit me very deeply (my teenage daughter and I go to concerts together all the time, and we’re due in Manchester next month to see Radiohead at the Arena – something we’ve wanted for years and looked forward to since the second I got tickets; and the M&B offices are at London Bridge Street so that’s very close to home).

I believe that sharing love and joy is the best thing we can do right now. Find our common ground instead of using our differences to divide us even further.

So in that spirit – along with my family, here are three things that I love.

The seaside. This is Wells-next-the-Sea, where my husband took me on our first date outside the little market town where we both lived at the time. It holds a special place in my heart – it’s also the first place where our eldest went to the seaside and tried ice cream (while still in his baby sling), where I go when I’m sad and need something to bolster me, and where we go when we’re happy (DH’s birthday two days ago, and we took the puppy with us – he loved having a run along the sand and meeting lots of new dogs).

Archie. He’s nearly 9 months old now and has brought us so much joy. I didn’t cope at all well when we had to say goodbye to Byron, and the only thing that got me through was knowing that we’d have four paws and a waggy tail in the house again. Archie’s great-x5 grtandparents were Byron’s grandparents, and it’s really nice to have that continuity. Archie’s exuberant, terribly inquisitive, and believes that everyone he meets is going to be his new best friend. And he’s really cuddly. (I posted a pic of him a while back showing this dinky little pup on my lap – now, he’s INCREDIBLY tall as you can see by him giving me a cuddle, here.)


Bluebells. I’m fortunate enough to live near a bluebell wood, and May is an utter joy. This year, they seemed to stretch on for ever and ever and ever. It was glorious. (This was taken without a filter, btw. It really was that magical.)

imageTell me what you love, and share a picture – I’d be thrilled to see it.



19 thoughts on “Love is the answer”

    1. It turns out posting photos in the comments is not possible with the free version of WordPress but nothing is stopping us painting pictures with words 🙂

  1. The things dearest to my heart are the people I love but after that, it is nature that gives me the most gifts. The fluffy spring blossom, the vivid autumn hues, the tall, straight snow gum. All fill my heart with peace and I turn to nature a lot when the antics of humans make little sense.

  2. I hear you Kate! Terrorists only success is showing how awful they are. So I say go fluffy, go loving, go mega-kindly or go home! My favourite things are (surprise surprise) my dog, scratching a cow, my husband – especially when he says six-thirty or murder in his Scottish burr and…of course…all of your gorgeous Mills & Boon/Harlequiners out there.

  3. I hear you Kate, what these vile people are forgetting is that no matter what you do to us…whether you live in the North, Middle or South we as country will always stand together, they will not break us (rant over).

    I love my hubby very much and of course my family. But coming in a very close second is the gorgeous Aidan Turner so looking forward to the next series.

    Thank you Kate for being my friend and I have loved seeing your pictures of Archie, hes the closest I’ll get to having a furry friend.

    1. Poldark on Sunday!!!! YAY! (Sorry – brief burst of excitement, there.) And you’re so right. We’ll stand together. (There are some bigots who need telling, but it’s possible to do it kindly.) It’s been lovely getting to know you, too. I think I must be very lucky in that I don’t seem to see much of the bile and nastiness on social media – all my mates are NICE 🙂 xxx

  4. Great post, Kate! I love my family, my fur-babies, my friends. All the beautiful people and places we have in this world. That their acts of hate only serve to show that our resilience, strength, camaraderie and love for one another is so much stronger. #westandtogether

  5. Loving my friends, family and pets are a given. My log waited for grandson turns one this Saturday,, so I am looking forward to breakfast with Mickey Mouse and the immediate family as the celebration begins.
    I love Orlando, it’s a great city that I have watched grow up over the last 25 years since we moved here. We used to have cow pastures half a mile from me, now they are all gone and there are neighborhood and shopping areas. I do miss parts of the old Orlando, when you could actually go to Disney and ride a roller coaster and once it stopped, they’d say stay seated if you want to go around again. Alas, those days that is gone, it’s so crowded.
    This weekend coming is also the 1 year anniversary of the Pulse shootings in Orlando, and I pray that the memorial services will be peaceful and not tainted by violence. I am proud of all the first responders and the doctors and Emergency )room personnel (some who are my friends) who tended to the injured. I am proud to have retired from Orlando Health. That reminds me, 38 years ago today (06/05/1978) I started my first job as a qualified registered nurse in the small ER of a Wisconsin hospital in my hometown, where I worked as a nurses’s aide for 2 years before I finished uni. The ER back then was rather routine…broken wrists, kidney stones and the occasional heart attack; all good learning experiences for a new grad. None of the romance as in your novels….sigh.
    I am going to spend the week worrying about my older son, who is travelling in Germany and Liechtenstein scouting thrill park rides with his creative team for Universal Studios. After Saturday night in London, I am a nervous mom. Will be happy to have him home on Friday.
    I am also looking forward to Nov. 13th. My 4 female cousins from Texas and 3 of their adult daughters will be visiting Orlando, so we will have a mini family reunion. My sister will be coming from Michigan and my brother from Alabama. Can’t wait!!!
    Finally I am loving reading all these new books from my medical romance subscription, books I have found for sale on Amazon, library books of past Harlequins that I have had on hold are finally showing up on my kindle, and then there are all the Sunday Smooch books and the LoveCats Down Under books i have won in their big giveaway. So Many book,s so little time.
    Finally I am looking forward to the Romance Writers of America Conference in Orlando in July. I want to go to the literacy book signing, and perhaps meet some of you in person! Can’t wait..who will be there???

    1. Laurie, your post was such a joy to read – thank you. Hope your son has a safe trip home and you have a wonderful birthday celebration with your grandson – and enjoy your reunion in November! Xxx

  6. Lovely post, Kate. My heart breaks when I see such senseless waste, such unfathomable hate and I hold my breath for even more hate in the days after when being on social media is so draining and toxic.

    I’m loving the wonderful scenes I’ve seen at the Ariana Grande concert. All the musical acts but particularly the film of bobbies ring-a-ring-a-rosie’ing with children.

    I’m loving snapchat and Messenger which allows me to keep in frequent contact with my kids both living overseas now.

    I’m loving that in 4 months I will be in London and I’m so looking forward to it because London has a very special place in my heart and no terrorists are going to keep me away. And I’ll get to see you and a bunch of other author mates. Can’t come soon enough xxx

  7. Well said, Kate. I’ve been busy planning my youngest’s high school graduation party, which was Sunday evening, and haven’t been on social media. I just heard on Monday about the latest act of terror, and it’s just so horrible and incomprehensible. But you are right, we can’t let them drag us down with them, we must stand together and find that love and joy you’re talking about, whether in the UK, across the pond, and everywhere else in the world.

    My family brings me tremendous joy and happiness, even when there are rocky moments sometimes. Nature brings me great pleasure, whether it’s walking in a woods or seeing the dogwood blossoms, strolling on a beach, or hiking or skiing in the mountains. I love the beautiful blue of your bluebell woods – how wonderful 🙂 It’s important to remember all the ways we’re blessed every day, and refuse to focus on the negatives, isn’t it? Thanks for the post xoxo

  8. Hi Kate

    Yes I am late but have been without internet all week and am trying to catch up what a fabulous post and the things I love internet so as I can make friends all over the world and my grandkids who always make me smile and we added two kittens to our family this week and they are gorgeous along with our beautiful Maremma Casper

    Have Fun

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