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Paper, cotton, leather… china.

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Traditional or modern wedding anniversary gifts? What would you choose?

When my husband and I got married we agreed to take the traditional option for anniversary gifts which tend to be much more low-key than the modern equivalent, for example, I have to wait 60 years for diamonds in the traditional list versus ten if we went the modern route. My husband was confident we’d last the distance and he was right as we’ve just celebrated 20 years of marriage.

To make up for the fact that years 16 to 19 were gift free  I decided we didn’t need china (the traditional gift) but would take a trip instead. We went SCUBA diving on our honeymoon so instead of exchanging gifts we went diving in the South China Sea off the coast of Vietnam. I will admit that the dive sites weren’t the best we’ve seen and apparently the Vietnamese call it the East Sea  but we did have an amazing trip. We had some fantastic experiences, survived the crazy traffic (which despite first impressions seems to work), ate delicious food, shopped, relaxed and met fabulous people. As always it still felt like we’d only scratched the surface and we’d both go back again in a heartbeat.


The food was sensational, there is a definite French influence (the croissants and cinnamon donuts were delicious), but there is also a distinctive flavour to the food introduced by herbs and spices and the food is incredibly fresh….



even though it was sometimes best not to think about where it was coming from!


There were interesting combinations of architecture from modern skyscrapers to ancient temples, the bright colours from the Chinese to the pure symmetry of the French buildings, particularly in Saigon, the Paris of the Orient.

IMG_3029IMG_3211IMG_3757 (2)

The scenery was incredible – the juxtaposition of old and new in the cities, traditional farming scenes, the old town of Hoi An and, my favourite, Ha Long Bay.

So, which one are you– a traditionalist or a modernist? I’d love to hear about the best anniversary gift you’ve ever given or received.

Next up, I’m celebrating the release of my Tempted & Tamed trilogy which is the first time my stories about the three Anderson sisters, Scarlett, Ruby and Rose, are being released together. Out in August!

Tempted and Tamed, August 17

And if you enjoyed the most recent blog about  our Hot Single Dads they are now on sale at Google Play. Enjoy!



7 thoughts on “Paper, cotton, leather… china.”

  1. Sounds like an amazing trip. My husband and I have been married 37 years and we would rather treat ourselves to a weekend getaway or a nice night out instead of buying gifts. My 40th will be in a few years, and rubies are the traditional gift, and I don’t like them, nor do I wear much jewelry, so I think I will try and talk him in to a cruise!

  2. Hi Emily

    We are traditionalists and we have just celebrated our 40th but instead of a ruby ring I wanted we got a cruise instead which was awesome we went around the Islands for 10 nights and want to go again.

    Have Fun

    1. Perfect. I might adopt that idea for our 30th anniversary which is Pearl. My husband has suggested Broome but maybe I could add a cruise through the Kimberley. I’d love to do that!

  3. We’ve never really bought anniversary gifts, Emily and we were 27 years this year.
    We tend to go out to dinner or have a night at a hotel instead
    Love your pics!

    1. We did inexpensive gifts for first ten years and went out to dinner – that was always a treat when we had young children – but I think i’m sold on the idea of anniversary trips now, even just a short getaway 🙂
      (Vietnam was very photogenic!)

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