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A postcard from London

Last month, wasn’t my turn to blog.  Which was as well, really.  In the wake of the then most recent terrorist attack on my home city, I didn’t have the words to express how I felt.  Kate Hardy put many of the ideas that were running through my head into words, in her blog Love is the Answer.

So what now?  Isn’t it a bit late to talk about all of this?  So much has happened in the last few months, and since the London Bridge incident there’s been more tragedy, more anger and more grief.  When I say that it’s not over yet, it’s not because I’m a pessimist, or I accept all that’s happened as just one of those things.  It’s because disaster and strife, of one kind or another, have been constant themes of London’s 2,000 year history.  There have always been challenges, of all kinds, and that’s no different for the almost 9 million Londoners today.

I hope you’ll forgive me a little bias, here.  For me, London’s the most beautiful and greatest city in the world.  I would say that, wouldn’t I?  There are so many other wonderful places in this world of ours, but London’s the one I call home 🙂

But I also know that we have our share of problems, and in the right quarters I can be just as vocal about those as I am about the joys of living here.  It’s because I haven’t forgotten about those who have been killed and injured, that I want a future for my city that holds something better.  And it’s with that in mind that I ask those of you in our worldwide community, whose most recent picture of London might be what you’ve read in the paper, to take a look at London through my eyes.

Please see the open, blue sky above the Thames, the crowds on both sides of the river, enjoying the sunshine and the sights.   The Tower, The London Eye, The Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Palace of Westminster… the list goes on.  You’re never short of a sight to see in London, and after living here all my life, I haven’t run out yet.  Please see a city which welcomes people from all parts of the world, and benefits from what they bring us.  One where people like to disagree, on practically every issue under the sun, but where freedom of expression is defended.

20161220_180256 copy

There are changes, of course.  But please see past the newly erected barriers protecting the pavement, on London Bridge and in other parts of the city.  Please see the hundreds of messages that ordinary people left at London Bridge – Love not Hate.  Please see the multi-coloured banners, floating high over Regent Street – London is Open.  These messages were in response to recent events, but the Carnaby Street lights last Christmas were on the same theme.  Love and Hope. 


Please see the flowers and green spaces, street performers, pavement artists and a city that just doesn’t know how to stay down.  And when you see all that, please smile.

So that’s my postcard!  What would you like to send from your home?


19 thoughts on “A postcard from London”

  1. My Postcard would be similar to yours. When people think of Orlando these days, there are 2 things that come to the forefront, Mickey Mouse and the Pulse tragedy. Orlando is so much more. For me it’s all about the people. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, where for the most, everyone was middle class and white, and new people didn’t move to our town, as the factories were closing. I moved Orlando in 1991 and I was amazed by all the different people. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Gay and everything in between. It was such a melting pot. The best thing was that everybody gets along, and we all learn from each other. With all the tourists visiting, the hospital where I worked afforded me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Orlando is more than theme parks. It has a rich and vibrant arts scene,wonderful food from around the globe, sports teams abound, and our community is strong and inclusive. It has everything you could want in a large city with a hometown feel, with the bonus of lots of sunny warm weather. It was a great place to raise my children, and offers so much for my grandchildren in the years to come.
    I visited London in 1979 and was so fascinated by everything. In Orlando, the oldest buildings are about 100 years old, where as in London the historical buildings took my breath away. I would love to visit again, now that I am older and wiser I would appreciate it all so much more.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful postcard, Laurie! So much of what you say holds true for London as well, although we don’t always have the benefit of warm and sunny weather 🙂 Whenever I think of Orlando from now on, I’ll think of your words.

      I hope you do get to visit again! I’m sure you’ll see a lot that’s different and much that’s still the same. And of course, we’ll have a warm welcome for you.

  2. Hi Annie

    That is such a beautiful post and for me Sydney would be the same we have the best harbour in the world with the coathanger over it (Sydney Harbour Bridge) The Opera House and around The Rocks area where the first fleet landed back in 1788 I too still have a lot of places to explore after living here all of my life, and there is love and caring no matter what nationality or religion you are we are a fun loving people who are always happy to have a beer and throw a sausage on the barbie and say G’day mate you’re welcome.

    And one day fingers crossed I will get to London to see the sights myself 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Thank you for your postcard, Helen! Sydney Harbour took my breath away when I first saw it from the air on my way into Sydney. Much as I love London, we have nothing to compare.

      It’s so true, isn’t it? There’s never a time when you can say ‘I’ve seen it all’ and stop exploring. I hope you get to explore London too, one day 🙂

  3. Annie,
    I love London. I can’t think of anything happening that would keep me from visiting again. As for a postcard from my part of the world: The glassy look of a lake early in the morning, the sounds of birds talking to each other during the daylight, and the frogs at night, fireworks and family laughing and aweing when we celebrate our nation’s birthday, the heat of summer with the knowledge that cool will come. My list could go on.

  4. Beautiful Annie. I live on the opposite of the world from London but I love it so hard. Have been many times and in the next year will be back twice to your wonderful city!
    I can’t imagine anything would ever scare me away I can’t wait.
    Love from Brisbane!

  5. London is one of my favourite cities – one of the most exciting, buzzy cities in the world. I’m hoping to be there myself in September for the umpteenth time and I’m as excited as my first time many years ago.

  6. I love London, I lived there for 7 years, did my nurse training there and met my husband there. Nothing could make stay away and I love it even more for the resilience and love shown by its people.

    1. Sending love back, Louisa! I think what’s moved me the most in recent days is that people aren’t afraid to come forward and say that love is so much stronger than hate. x

  7. A beautiful post card, Annie! Whenever some new terror event happening in the world dismays and horrifies me, I try hard to step back and remind myself that most people are truly good and caring and step up to help others when bad things happen. We can’t let bullies bring us down or make us want to huddle at home and cower. I’ve been to London only once, with my English grandmother when I was a teen (a few years ago!) I’m really wanting to come for a visit, and think maybe 2018 just may be the year! Your postcard has nudged me to think about it even harder, so thank you for that 🙂

    1. Thank you Anon! I hope that you do decide to come back and visit. In common with many other cities, London is so much more than the attacks which have taken place. We have a warm welcome ready for you 🙂

      1. I don’t know why I’m anonymous here, except that I’ve apparently had a snafu with my logins *sigh* But it’s Robin Gianna, and I would love to come visit with all of you! xoxo

  8. Lovely post, Annie. I adore both London and Manchester – the buildings and the people and the atmosphere xxx

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