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Summertime Busy!

Summer is always a busy time around here, but this year has been extra crazy! It started before summer, with my youngest graduating from high school. It was a beautiful day! Then lots of yard work and flower-planting and food preparation for his party the following week. Here are the two of us, then him looking at me grumpily, asking why I’m taking so many photos 😉


After that, I went to an out-of-state wedding by myself to see my cousin’s daughter get married. Then, as a family a week later, we spent four days in Atlanta, Georgia for our nephew’s wedding. Here are my three kiddos dressed in their finery. It was a really fun time with lots of family from all over the country.

Ari,James,GeoWeddingBefore the wedding, my husband asked me how I felt about having a Summer Solstice dinner for a few friends, and I said “Uh, sure…” not paying attention to when that actually was. Which turned out to be two days after we got back from Atlanta. So there was a bunch of stuff to do for that, and it turned into 16 people somehow, but we had a really good time. Here’s a photo of a bit of the sashimi appetizer some gourmand friends brought to the party, and it was amazing! And here’s a photo of all the cleanup left for the next day – unfortunately, I didn’t take photos of the actual food. 🙂


I was finally able to get going on my new book, but lots of interruptions have made it slow-going. For the past 26 years, ever since we got married, we’ve had an annual July 4th party. So we couldn’t exactly have this be the first year without one! Here are the menfolk admiring the chickens on the rotisserie, and my hubby, after getting the chickens on and before guests arrived, taking a moment in the pool on our new floatie – Pegasus 😀 My goal is to get a hilarious picture of myself on that thing, as I haven’t experienced it yet.


And next week, we’re having an engagement party for our daughter and her fiancé to introduce the two families. I shared the pictures of him popping the question on my last blog, but here are a few of the engagement photos they’re planning to use on the wedding website and Save-the-Date announcements (weddings seem more complicated than in the olden days!).  I think they all look like they could be a romance novel cover! 🙂


And after the engagement party, I’m off to Orlando for the Romance Writers of America Conference. So you can see why I’m struggling to get this book written!  How’s your summer been?  Fun, busy, relaxing, or all of the above?

Robin xoxo



7 thoughts on “Summertime Busy!”

  1. That is such a lovely post Robin and you have been busy but lots of fun in there as well 🙂

    It is winter over here and it has been quite cool which I love and we have just come back from visiting one of my daughters and her family in Wagga Wagga where is was really cold of course lots of fun was had and the kids were good and happy, otherwise I have been trying desperately trying to catch up on the awesome books in my TBR pile just the weather for reading 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Ah, Helen, of course I should have asked about how everyone’s summer or winter is going! 🙂 Yes, you’re right, it’s the kind of busy that’s been fun, which is good, of course. So glad you had a nice visit with your daughter and grandkids! Now it’s time to snuggle in, cover yourself with a throw, and relax. xoxo

  2. Robin,
    You have been busy. Great summer fun. My last few months have been crazy as well. While we are in Orlando let’s take a few minutes to sit by the pool and do nothing.

  3. You have been having a busy summer! I am trying to get all of our July rain to disappear before the RWA conference for you. We went from drought to deluge this past month! Hope to see you at the conference; planning on going to the literacy signing.

    1. I so hope to meet you i person, Laurie! I decided not to sign at the Literacy event this year, and right now have my flight out too early to attend. But I’m rethinking that, and since I have Southwest for my flight, might change it. If I do, I’ll look for you at the signing as I walk around yakking to everyone! 🙂

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