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Walking Is My Go To Place

FullSizeRender (2)Whenever I have a problem to solve I try to go for a walk. I deal with difficult plots, annoying people, and other day to day issues by striding out. It also helps the waistline!

Since I was a tiny dot trotting around after my dad on the farm, walking has always been my favourite exercise. As a teen I joined a tramping club and saw some wonderful places.

Yep, in New Zealand we call it tramping, but when I lived in Canada my flatmates thought I was talking another kind of tramp (not the under the bridge kind either) and insisted it was hiking we were doing. 🙂

My man and I have done some amazing tramps/hikes in the past that have lasted days. Once we were helicoptered into the mountains and took six days to walk out. It was a wonderful experience.

Yesterday we went for a short walk, three hours, on the Snout in Picton. It was great being out in the fresh air after the winter temps keeping us indoors. Did I solve my current plot problems? Nope. Or so I thought at the time, but this morning when I sat down and picked up a pen an outline flowed onto the paper so guess my brain was working overtime in the background.FullSizeRender (3)

How do you solve those annoying things that go round and round in your head?

Do you have a favourite place to go, or activity to do?




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4 thoughts on “Walking Is My Go To Place”

  1. Hi Sue

    WOW what a lovely walk I wish I could do that I love walking but sadly these days I have an ankle that doesn’t let me walk too much 😦

    I often find that when I am in the shower things will come to me 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen. It is a beautiful walk. Funny how you think of things in the shower when you can’t write them down. Annoying.

  2. What a beautiful photo, Sue! I’ve been power walking as many days as I can, recently, mostly to get my blood pumping and reduce stress levels, and it definitely works for that! And it is interesting how our brains work – sometimes that ah-ha! story solution just pops into our heads even when we don’t realize we’re thinking about it.

    I haven’t been on a long hike in quite a while, and you’ve inspired me to do that! Must find a good place to go, and possibly drag my young adult sons along with me, before the youngest heads off to college. 🙂

    1. Nothing like hiking to put all the day to day stuff behind you for a while. Keep up the power walking. It’s got to be good for you. 🙂

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