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Do you speak the language of love?


Hello there everyone,

Seeing as our American pals (and a Scot and a Kiwi) are en route to the Romantic Writers of America Conference…I thought today would be the perfect day to take a little quiz. It’s easy, I promise.

You’ve all heard of tropes, right? A writer’s shortcut for describing a situation in a novel to a reader -a Cinderella Story, a modern day Romeo & Juliet… In other words – it’s an elevator pitch (“Jaws in Space” Can you name that film? Spoiler alert – it’s Alien.)

I always think I’m a trope free zone, but it turns out this simply isn’t the case. It seems virtually nothing is original.

Moulin Rouge? Prostitute with the Heart of Gold (ditto to Pretty Woman)

The Princess Bride? Woman in Peril

PS I Love You? Matchmaker/Widow/Better as Friends/Dead Man Writing/Hapily Married/Mess of Woe/Romancing the Widow/Reunion Kiss/and on and on and so on and so forth, but…


We love love and the harder we have to work for it the more rewarding, tear-jerking, heart-thumpingly fabulous it is!

So…take a little trip down Trope Lane and let us know what you think

And PS: There’s a duet of Italian Royals in it for the person who comes up with the best FAKE trope and an Annie Claydon special (think Sizzling Hot Single Dads!) for the runner up!


If you’re aching to work your way through some royal books with jilted brides, runaway bridesmaids, working for the boss (times two!), reunited, redemption and opposites attract…why not take a gander at my book out this August: It’s a duet…by me! xx Annie O’

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6 thoughts on “Do you speak the language of love?”

    1. I think the iPad won’t let you drag and drop the ones you’re supposed to rearrange – but you can number them 1-4 if I remember rightly.

      Fab quiz. I do love a good Trope. xxx

  1. Hi Annie

    Have done the survey was lots of fun but on question 4 wouldn’t let me rank them in order 🙂

    I do love the medical romances and am doing my best to get caught up at the moment and I am looking forward to you your two Annie

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks so much Helen. Hmmm….Not sure why it wouldn’t let you rank them. How PECULIAR. Well…if you simply would like to list them here that would be grand! But if you’re feeling shy…we will figure it out. 🙂

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