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And the winner is…..

Good morning everyone! Apologies for being a day late – I know you all have been on tenterhooks waiting to find out the poll results (the one about the tropes).

Image result for fairytalesUnknown.jpeg

AND – the answer is – I can’t figure out who answered what. There goes my career at the office for statistics!

HOWEVER…there are TWO people who got the first question right and we have two books to send out so…whoever answered PERFORMER to the pick the real trope question – you have just won yourselves a book! If you could either comment below and/or get in touch with me with your mailing details via annie@annieoneilbooks.com that would be absolutely fantastic. I would like to send a special shout out to everyone who answered Monkey in a Hurricane because that was my very own specially made up trope – but I think I am going to start writing it and making it real.

Now for the other results:

Question two asked which one you thought was a fake romance and nearly all of you selected right – Nun. It is not a popular romance trope. Turns out, it pretty much only worked for Maria von Trapp (Mother Superior really had called it when she slapped the flibbertyjibbet label on Maria, didn’t she?)


Question Three asked your favourite princess and she is: Cinderella! Nipping on her heels were Rapunzel, Snow White and Lara Croft – who had a fleeting lead – but lost it in the end (tight shorts aren’t ALWAYS the answer, ladies).


Then we had out dreamboat heroes and the winner is: Prince Charming! He had an impressive lead over The Beast, Other (Gaston and Charmer got votes), Romeo and Brad Pitt came last! Imagine that.

On to favourite tropes: Tied at number one was Enemies to Lovers and Fake Engagements! (Note to self: write next book as a fake engagement between enemies who become lovers). Taking a close second is Forbidden Love and lagging behind was the Love Triangle. None of you didn’t like the Love is a Myth idea…I was deeply unsurprised by this.

Out of my favourite tropes you went for: Reunion, Military, Jilted bride then cowboy. There goes my jilted cowhand story (hee hee!)

And finalliy – tropes that make you a little bit sick? No heroes teaching our girls the ways of love. We’re not stoopid! Really bad boys, scarred childhoods, friends to lovers, amnesia in heroines (but heroes could – you better check out Louisa Heaton’s library – she’s got a boy who had a conk on the head) and here was a new one for me – heroes and heroines who are TSTL – Too Stupid to Live. That made me laugh. Oh! And a final shout out to the lover of Betty Neels physicians who always had a ‘vast person’ in her books (Neel-speak for Tall and Broad).

Thank you all so much for participating in the quiz. It was great fun. Please do get in touch if you guessed the ‘performer.’ Otherwise – there will be more quizzes in the future!

Today is publication day for me, so if you fancy a new duet – here they are! All the best everyone, speak soon xx Annie O’


2 thoughts on “And the winner is…..”

  1. Hi Annie

    That was a fun quiz and the results are good I cannot remember what I voted for now whether it was performer although I think it might have been The 5th LO

    Woohoo on the releases I am just about to pick the Tempted by The Bridesmaid up up and really looking forward to it I do love your stories

    have Fun

  2. Helen! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the quiz. They are really fun to write. I’m all about Monkey in a Hurricane so don’t you worry. We’ll make it a real thing! Enjoy Tempted by the Bridesmaid…and prepare to get hungry for Italian food. So delightful to hear from you, as ever. enjoy x Annie O’

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