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I have / have not…

It’s come to our notice that we’ve made an important omission on our blog.  We haven’t played the Have / Have Not game yet!

So we’re remedying that immediately.  Susan Carlisle has rushed to the rescue with eight must-know questions, and we invite you to tick all of the options which apply to you.  And, as always, we want to know more 🙂  So if you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, we’d love you to leave a comment and tell us about it!

The results will update as more people answer, and you can see them at any time by clicking the ‘View Results’ link.  So please check back again later to see the final results.


5 thoughts on “I have / have not…”

  1. This is going to be good here goes

    This probably applys to here in Australia but I have met a few Aussie Cricketers

    When I was a kid Taronga Park Zoo here in Sydney had Elephant rides

    I often died my hair purple still have purple in my hair

    1969 I was in year 6 and we watched the first man on the moon on a TV

    No brainer on the tbr pile I have more on my tbr than I will ever read let alone in a month 😀

    A very small earthquake when I was a teenager a rumble really

    And yes emails not letters does that count

    So the only one I haven’t done is lose part of my swimming costume 😀

    This was fun

    Have fun

  2. I was about 5 yrs old, (so this would have been about 1977) when my parents bought me a green TOWELLING bikini with a mermaid on it. I loved it! Couldn’t wait to try it out in the pool. I was an excellent swimmer, ahead of my time for the age, diving in head first. But the first time I dived in head first with my bikini on, the towelling material suddenly became like lead weights and slid off my bum and almost down to my ankles. My brothers thought it was hilarious, I was mortified and ran into the changing rooms to get dressed again.
    I only wore that bikini The once. Strangely.

  3. I met Donny Osmond at a meet and greet after a Las Vegas show. I also took my boys on a wrestling cruise in the 90’s. We met quite a few wrestlers. I am not a fan.
    I rode on the back of a dolphin in The Caymen Islands.
    I only wear one piece swimsuits.
    I dyed my hair medium brown for my niece’s wedding a few years ago. I grabbed the wrong box and ended up burgundy, which on grey hair is dark pink,
    I watched the man walk on the moon the same time as Helen.
    I have lots of paperbacks waiting to be read and on my kindle. (My neighbor brought me a box of older Harlequins last week after a yard sale.
    I was in a tornado in 1985, it skipped up the main street not far from our home, the back of my house was plastered in leaves. I remember hearing the “train whistle” sound and the sky was green. (I was in the 3 hurricanes that hit Orlando in August 2004, had lots of damage from the first one, and the other 2 sealed the deal on repairs needed.) Felt a rumble from a little earthquake as a kid.
    I don’t write letters anymore, my handwriting is crap now, but have sent emails!

  4. Met Paul Brandt (Canadian country star) and his wife in a Rona store a few days before she gave birth to their first child.
    Lost bikini/halter top as a teenager.
    Watched man on moon.
    Have more books than can read in a YEAR (PLUS digital).
    Have written authors fan emails and mailed some books to an author (based on her comments in a blog about her favourite books).

  5. I have met a number of famous people but Larry Hagman (JR on the show “Dallas” and the Major in” I dream of Jeannie”) was probably the biggest one. I have also spoken to Paul Walberg brother of Donnie and Mark. I have also met Nora Roberts a couple of times.
    I lost my bathing suit when I was swinging on a rope into a creek and fell. There was a crowd there to see. I didn’t try again.
    I watched man walk on the moon. My mother called us in from playing outside to watch the event. I’m glad she did.
    I have far more books than I can read in years and add more all the time.
    I’ve been in two earthquakes. The most recent was about 15 years ago. I woke to the pictures on the wall shaking. It was scary. I live on a fault line in Georgia.
    Since I’ve become a writer I send more fan letters than I used to. I know what they mean to an author to get one.

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