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The truth is, conference was last month, but this is my first time to blog since attending.

Last month I flew from Scotland to Florida for a 10 day family holiday, then dropped my beloved and kids back at the airport, and went back to another hotel for 4 days of conference. After 10 days in one room with a husband and two teenage boys, having a room to myself was peaceful – and spotless!


This year at conference my usual partners in crime were back in the UK and Australia. But this meant I got to make some new friends and spend more time with people I usually only see for an hour or so.

First night was spent at Epcot watching the fireworks courtesy of Tule Publishing with drinks and dessert. I had dinner with some of the fabulous Tule authors at the French restaurant in Epcot.

IMG_0611Socialising is one the greatest joys of conference, along with the learning from the sessions at conference.

I had fun going to Disney Springs with fellow med author Louisa George where she indulged me by coming to the T-Rex restaurant with me.

IMG_0387Next up was the Harlequin party which, this year, was held at the Waldorf Astoria in Florida.  I went for dinner in the Waldorf restaurant first with Katherine Gerbera, Nancy Robarbs Thompson and Julia Justiss.

IMG_0614After that it was time to dance the night away with my favourite authors and editors.

First here’s the brilliant and very talented Carol Marinelli receiving her 100 book award from Harlequin – many of these are medicals.


Here’s me with Sheila Hodgson the senior editor for the medical line.


And with the fabulous Flo Nicol.

IMG_0633The following day there was a massive book signing and I managed to snap our very own Susan Carlisle.


I had a great final night in Florida going for dinner at the Four Seasons with Maisey Yates, Megan Crane, Nicole Helm and Kasey Lane. It was a perfect end to a great 4 days.

IMG_0667Sad to say I won’t be at Denver next year, but I’ll definitely be in New York the year after!


Scarlet xx

6 thoughts on “Conference!”

  1. Fantastic posts and lovely photos of you all yall look fantastic Love is so the best medicine you all look amazing, so with I could meet you all yall are amazing and totally help keep me sane.

    Huge love and hugs

    Gwessie xxxx

    (amnow blogging with review sisters lol but I’ve made sure we follow you epic lovelies xxx)

  2. Love these pics, Scarlet! It was a lovely conference, and especially nice to get to spend time with you, Louisa, Susan, Carol, and others, including our wonderful editors! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring me to perhaps attend a few romance conferences around the globe

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