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Happy father’s Day!


It was father’s day yesterday down here at the end of the world. My husband was working for much of it but he did spend some time with one of our sons (the other one is away at uni at the moment) and he had celebratory meals at the beginning and end of the day with us. As always he didn’t want us to make a fuss…seems to me they never do. Our real live heroes roll their sleeves up and get on with things, avoiding the drama whether it be good or bad. But we know they are there always encouraging and enthusiastic and supportive and with a seemingly endless supply of bad dad jokes!


They wouldn’t want to admit it, but I see my husband in my boys’ mannerisms, the way they sit on the couch in a certain way (like three peas in a pod!), I hear him in their voices and laughs. I also see the caring and staunch belief system they share with him, the same values and sense of humour and it warms my heart that they have such a good role model in their lives.

Dads are big in romance right now too…we’ve celebrated on this blog the coverage we had for the single dads in medical romance and their very hot covers. I’ve just finished writing a secret baby romance for the med line (due out in April/May, title as yet to be decided) and I had to admit to falling a little bit in love with Finn as he embraced unexpected fatherhood in the hardest of circumstances. He knew without a doubt that he would love this child and protect it forever.

So, here’s to the real life heroes in our lives! How do you spend Father’s Day?

5 thoughts on “Happy father’s Day!”

  1. Hi Louisa

    I spent the day with family 3 of our children and 6 of our grandkids and it was fun we did miss one of our daughter’s and her kids but they live a fair way away now so we will catch up with thwm in a coip,e of weeks and it was a great day and I can see many things similar in our kids that their father does as well.

    I look foward to uour new book

    Have fun


  2. Love the photo of your three men, Louisa! Our Father’s Day is in June, and we usually just have dinner here with one of his favorite meals, which would likely be lamb chops. This year we were away at an out of state wedding, so Father’s Day was mostly ignored, unfortunately – guess we’ll have to have two celebrations next year 🙂

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