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The Appeal of Medical Romances

Today we’re thrilled to have romance reviewer extraordinaire, Julie from Bookish Jottings, blogging with us.  Welcome Julie! 

Category romances have been a part of my life for more years than I am prepared to admit. As a young girl of 13/14, I was attracted to these books with their handsome heroes and doe-eyed heroines on the cover. Harlequin Mills and Boon novels have seen me through adolescence, school, college, marriage, babies, several house moves and many other significant milestones. But I must confess that I came to the Medical Romance line by accident.

Sure, I had read scores of Betty Neels books with their brooding Dutch heroes and nostalgic view of the world, but I had never really paid much attention to these books; preferring the brooding Alpha heroes, the sensuality and exotic locations of the Presents line, the emotion and the feel-good factor of the Romance line or the sweeping stories of the Historical line. But twenty years ago, I remember being in the library and, having read all of the books on the Mills and Boon shelves from the lines mentioned above and finding nothing to strike my fancy on the general fiction shelves, I decided on a whim to pick up a copy of Partners in Love by the great, late and much missed Maggie Kingsley. I went home and started reading the book and I was hooked.

Partners in Love had all the emotion, drama and tension I looked for in the Romance line, the gorgeous heroes I loved from the Presents line and the enthralling and compulsively readable romantic read that I look for whenever I pick up a Harlequin Mills and Boon novel. I went on to read every single book of Maggie’s I could find and discovered other favourite writers like Jennifer Taylor, Caroline Anderson, Marion Lennox, Meredith Webber, Kate Hardy, Amy Andrews and many, many others.

Whether the books are set in a GP practice in rural England or Australia (my personal favourites), in a busy city hospital or in other far flung countries in the world, Medical Romance readers are treated to a wonderful story with gorgeous heroes, wonderful heroines, action-paced medical drama, heart-pounding emotion and a love story that will make them laugh and cry. Medical Romances, far from being the conservative and old-fashioned stories many perceive them to be, have, over the years, dealt with topical issues such as divorce, abortion, domestic abuse, surrogacy, adoption and many others.

So, if you’ve been thinking about picking up a Medical Romance or haven’t picked one up in a long time, I urge you to stop thinking about it and stock up on the latest releases – you will certainly not be disappointed!


6 thoughts on “The Appeal of Medical Romances”

  1. Medical romances have so much to offer, I’m always urging people to give them a whirl. But I’m especially thrilled to hear Aussie settings are up your personal faves!

  2. Even if I didn’t write them, I’d love reading them! I often tell people who haven’t given them a try that they’re widely diverse from setting to characters to conflict and emotion to just plain fun. So appreciate your post, Julie! 🙂

  3. Lovely to see you here, Julie, and thank you for your excellent resume of all that’s good about the Medical Romances! I’m slightly biased, too 😉 but they have so much to offer and they’re all different. It never ceases to amaze me how diverse the line is. And as for Maggie Kingsley, gosh, I miss that woman. She was such a wonderful person, a brilliant writer, a dear friend, and she is definitely lamented.

  4. @Avril I grew up in Australia and will always have a soft spot for that beautiful country.

    @Annie and @Robin I adore the books because they are so rich and diverse – I simply cannot get enough of them!

    @Caroline A Familiar Stranger was the first book of yours I read from the library and have been hooked ever since. I adored Maggie’s books and whenever I emailed her, her letters were always so witty, erudite and charming. She is greatly missed.

  5. Hi Julie

    I too love the Medical line I think my first medical was by Amy Andrews but I have read many over the years and love them they bring me joy and smiles and the emotion that keeps the story flowing beautifully 🙂

    Have Fun

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