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Spring is in the Air


Spring is my favourite season and a couple of weeks ago it blew in with loads of rain and snow and then some sun. One day we have the fire roaring to keep warm and the next I’m in a tee shirt and light pants.

Spring brings chaotic weather, daffodils, green sprouts on my raspberry plants, and babies of the four footed variety. Yeah, and the human ones, but they come all year round.

love m 1

I belong to a walking group and once a week we hit the hills, sometimes following rivers, or the coastline, or, like on this last trip, we walk beside farms. Last week we went up a valley where spring was very evident in the green pastures, the chirping birds and these babies.

love m 3 love m 2

The alpaca was very curious, and I’d swear she laughed when I got a zap from the electric fence as I took the photo.  Which is why it’s blurry. I didn’t get another photo op as she raced away.

Spring also revitalises me. It brings hope and excitement, and I rewrite goals and plan to do way more than I can ever possibly get done. I’ve been writing lots these last two weeks, and long may that last.

Which is your favourite season, and why?

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10 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air”

  1. I like cool, crisp air. It’s fall in my part of the world but the outdoors is just as amazing. A walking group that goes out in the country and long coastlines sounds wonderful. I’d want to walk more than once a week.

    1. I experienced fall when I was living in Canada years ago, Susan. I loved the amazing colours as the leaves changed and fell. Unbelievable and so pretty. I do shorter walks on my own often during the week. As we live in the Sounds it is always picturesque.

  2. December and Autumn in Orlando can’t come soon enough for me. Our leaves are turning brownish (but not the autumn colors) and falling off the trees, but only because they were damaged in the Hurricanes! In a correlating story, my OB nurse friends in Texas and Florida are putting in vacation requests for next May and June, hoping to avoid the huge influx of Harvey and Irma babies!!!

    1. LOL. Funny how babies follow major events. Hope you were okay throughout the hurricanes, Laurie. It has been devastating.

  3. I enjoy spring but my fave season is autumn/fall. I ADORE the Indian summer days and the vivid foliage. Spring can be a little hit and miss weather wise but autumn quite stable. Love the Llama!

    1. Isn’t she gorgeous. You’re right about autumn being far more settled, Fiona, and this week I could easily change my preference, it’s been so wet and cold.

  4. Hi Sue

    WOW they are lovely photos Autumn in my favourite time of the year I love the crisp cool mornings and evenings and snuggling with a good book woohoo on the ne w book I need to get this one I have been on a cruise and just home and trying to catch up with everything 🙂

    Have Fun


  5. Oh my gosh Sue – I have Belted Galloways! Are those your cows? Our girls are newly pregnant so we have to wait a few months (nine in fact!) for the babies – but little cow babies are just gorgeous! Spring is great….just about as fabulous as autumn, my first love. You’ve inspired me to write a post about it!

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