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Turn, turn, turn….

As I typed the title, I just realised I could be writing about turning pages (which is something I hope you all want to do when reading a medical romance), but I was actually going to write about the leaves turning into the glorious, magical shades of autumn. As all of our Antipodean friends are enjoying the lush, first fecund flushes of Spring, I am absolutely beside myself with the arrival of autumn. I LOVE IT.

I love getting to wear turtlenecks.

I love the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I love the Pumpkins (especially the blue ones and, as my fellow writer, Amalie Berlin, just reminded me there is an actual Cinderella Pumpkin. (Which just may be that mahoooosive pumpkin I spotted at my parent’s local grocery store. It was over 500lbs!).

I love that my typewriter has started typing pictures. And that my editor (see top middle pic) had a chance to meet me for lunch where they serve espresso the same way they serve tequila. The tomatoes that insist on ripening (or not as in the case of some of them).

Sunsets get better. Honey gets harvested. I love the nights closing in and thinking about lighting the fire. The cows will come in soon. I have legitimate reasons to start thinking about baking an excess of cookies. And wearing cosy clothes. Aaaaand…most of all I love reading. This year my To Read Pile is IMMENSE.


And did I mention I’m going to meet a pal from New Zealand in Saigon and we’re going to ride our bicycles to Hanoi? There’s that as well. All busy and exciting.

What’s happening in your neck of the world? If anyone can inspire me to start working on the quilt I’ve been promising to make for the past *cough cough* years, You win a prize! xx Annie O


14 thoughts on “Turn, turn, turn….”

  1. Hi Annie

    Oh Autumn is my favourite time of the year sadly we are going into summer and have just had the hottest September weekend ever recorded and it is only spring I think we are in for a long hot summer we have bushfires raging already bring back autumn or winter.

    WOW riding a bike from Saigon to Hanoi fabulous I would love to ride a bike sadly never learnt 🙂

    Now if you make that quilt think how warm you are going to be in winter 🙂

    Have Fun


    1. This is a very good point regarding the quilt – and as for the bike – it’s never too late! Have you considered getting an adult trike? I saw a few people out riding them yesterday (complete with baskets for the little pooches) – and they looked as though they were having a wonderful time!

  2. I am impatiently waiting for Florida’s autumn, those 4 or 5 days in the end of December where the eaves fall off the trees and re-bud within a week. Then we have a nice un-humid January. It cant come soon enough. I’d love to learn how to quilt, it’s on the to-do list. I can ride a bike, but not from Saigon to Hanoi..or even to the grocery store here..it’s too darn hot! I ride my exercise bike with the air conditioning on 70 degrees and a fan blowing on me……do you think I could ut a basket on the exercise bike and train my cat to sit in it?

    1. Laurie – I think you can definitely put a basket on your exercise bike and tran our cat to sit in it! And then I want a picture! Sounds glorious. I can’t say I am a gifted athlete. My ‘gold medals’ come from not giving up….although this trip is going to be tough. The humidity alone will be a killer! Autumn in Florida sounds gorgeous…as does January. Enjoy!

  3. Wow, you are busy this time of the year. I love the thought of a great bicycle ride in the fall. We are all about football games at my house right now. Every weekend is devoted to them. Soon I will have my feet up by the fire and drink hot chocolate cheering my team on. I still have one more trip to the beach before that happens though.

  4. Annie,
    In your reply to Laurie, you said, “My ‘gold medals’ come from not giving up….” so … in response to your quilting, I am reminded of what Polonius (a counsellor) said in Hamlet: “This above all: to thine own self be true….” I am also reminded of Nike’s slogan: “Just do it!”
    As for myself, I am working on scrapbooking, rather than quilting. There are times there is just no way I can work on it (like right now when I’m 2200+ miles away from home), but once I get back, I will write it on my to-do list every possible day until I get within a year of the current date (as I often find or am given pictures/articles much later than the actual events and don’t want to have to re-do pages to insert chronologically). Technically, I can get that final year of pictures/articles/embellishments ready but just not adhere them to the pages for that final year….
    Good luck!

    1. Ha! Laney – I like your style. (It goes with my secret obsession for watching Inspiration Sports Dramas!). Scrapbooking sounds amazing. The fact you’re doing anything 2200+ miles from home is impressive. Well done you (and ditto for the Hamlet and Nike quotes). Quilting is a dream I’ve had for a loooooooooong time. I made a very very simple one when I was about sixteen (My mother basically did the hard stuff) and now I’d like to actually see if I can do one myself. I may have to wait some time. 🙂 Enjoy the scrapbooking and have a great return journey whenever that may be. All the best – Annie O’

  5. I love Autumn! I want the UK to have a really great one and not just get lost within the weeks of rain and grey and freezing fog. I want crunchy leaves and frosty mornings!
    Now, I can quilt and I have loads of supplies if you ever need an enabler. 😁

  6. Autumn is so pretty in your territory, but spring is my favourite season. Have a great time on that bike in Vietnam. It’s a wonderful country and the people are so friendly.

    1. Thank you so much Sue – I’m really excited…and, I suppose, it does mean I’ll miss out three week of British autumn, but there are faaaaar worse things. Dream of Spring – for she isn’t that far away!

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