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Partying in London by Amy Andrews

One of the many pinch me moments I’ve had with this writing gig is being invited to swanky author parties. On the other side of the world!

Seriously. How awesome is that?

Thought you all might like to see some pics from the AMBA party in London last month with your medical authors. Kate Hardy has already shared some of hers but I thought I’d add some of mine into the mix too.

Swanky 17th floor of the News Building with almost 360 degree views of London town!
The lovely Scarlet Wilson with her thick Glaswegian accent who pronounces “girl” as “geddle”…that was an interesting conversation!
The perfectly gorgeous Kate Hardy who was the star of the night with her 75th pin!
The irrepressible Caroline Anderson (l) and the fabulous Annie Claydon (r)
The fab Flo Nichol!
And my seriously gorgeous, ever patient editor, Megan Haslam!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pics. Ever had a pinch me moment?


13 thoughts on “Partying in London by Amy Andrews”

  1. Ohh, fabulous! You all look gorgeous! I am yet to go to London but perhaps one day. Pinch me moments? That remains July 2012 when I won the RITA. Still hard to believe 5 years later.

  2. Oh Amy what a fabulous day you all had and for me pinch me moment was probably back in 2009 when I attended the first ARRC and met a lot of my favourite authors ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have Fun

  3. Irrepressible? Me? Surely not! But sooo lovely to see you again, as ever. Fiona, you ought to come over. AMBA is fun!
    As for ‘pinch me’ moments, the best has to be when I got the call to say I’d sold my first book. Boy, does that seem a long time ago! Followed by being shortlisted for the RoNA Rose for the first time. That was special. In fact there have been lots of ‘pinch me’ moments in my writing career, but I get one every time I think about the amazing and super-talented authors I’ve met over the last 27 years and who I now call friends. Love you all! xxx

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