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Ups and Downs

It’s been a strange old month. I started it off by spectacularly falling down the stairs – all because I turned around to pick up the remains of a paper bag, my dog had shredded halfway up. The small of my back took the brunt of the fall, resulting in these lovely bruises taking shape at the base of my spine …

Yes. They hurt. I also had some spectacular bruises on my right wrist, along with a carpet burn, so all in all, a pretty hard fall. I couldn’t lie down, stand up, sit down or move without sounding like a ninety-year old, but nothing was broken, so I pretty much just carried on with life. As you do, when you’re a mum of four and things need doing. Laundry doesn’t stop when you’re injured and apparently children need feeding three times a day, so …

A week or so after my injury, I went to the Reader’s Day at Guildford Literary Festival. I met my friend, Neats, from The Haphazardous Hippo Blog and we managed to get front row seats! It was just a shame that those seats were hard, wooden ones and we were going to be sat in them for six hours, so by the end of the day, my poor, bruised back was protesting.

Fanny Blake led the questioning of the authors and it really was a fascinating day and one I’d recommend anyone go to. Seven authors were interviewed – Polly Clark (Larchfield), Lucy Atkins (The Night Visitor), Rachel Joyce (The Music Shop), Veronica Henry (The Forever House), Fiona Barton (The Child), Kate Eberlen (Miss You) and as a last minute stand-in for an ill Penny Vincenzi, we also got Alison Pearson (How Hard Can It Be).

I loved listening to the authors talk about their inspiration, their writing routines and the challenges they face as writers and as women who want to write about relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but friendships, too. How friendships can blossom in the strangest of places and how truth is very often much stranger than fiction. And I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of Lucy Atkin’s literary agency when she rang up to say that the book she’d been working so hard on was all about dung beetles!

Research can take you down strange paths indeed!

The next book I have out is Pregnant With His Royal Twins and this book came about because I really wanted to write a heroine who was the survivor of an acid attack. There had been one or two stories in the news about the rise of acid attacks on both men and women and the research took me down some pretty grim paths and so I really wanted to write about the psychological effect this has on a person. Here’s the blurb …

thumbnail_IMG_1112Midwife Freya MacFadden has stuck to night shifts since she was injured in an acid attack. But a hospital costume ball offers her the chance to hide her scars, and, lost in the moment, she seizes a passionate encounter with a handsome stranger. Leaving her pregnant…with his twins!

Desert prince Jameel Al Bakhari fought hard for his medical career, far from his kingdom of Majidar. And he’ll fight for kind and courageous Freya and their babies, too! But first Jamie must show her how beautiful she really is!

It comes out December 19th, so just in time for Christmas! I do hope you’ll check it out and, as always, leave an honest review. Many thanks! And as I won’t get to blog again until after Christmas, dare I wish you all an early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? **runs and hides**

Louisa xxx



9 thoughts on “Ups and Downs”

  1. Hi Louisa

    Those are nasty bruises I do hope that all is healed now and you are back to normal hugs.

    I love going to author talks and listening to their stories as well and have been lucky enough to been to a few over the years I am actually having high tea with Jayne Anne Krantz in a few weeks and I am looking forward to that I love her Amanda Quick stories. Oh and I am looking forward to your new book woohoo

    Have Fun

    1. Hi, Helen! Yes, everything is now healed, just a few tiny bruises left, but no pain and no worse for wear than before. High tea with Jayne Anne Krantz sounds amazing! You must tell us all about it afterwards! Much love, Louisa xxx

  2. Hey sweet lady Gwessie here xxxxxx truly hope your feeling a lot better if not please get checked out you know the state im in couldn’t bare it happening to a dear friend, I’m glad you had a great time despite the chair and omg cant wait to read Pregnant with his royal twins.

    Huge love and hugs

    Gwessie xxxxxx

    1. Ouch ouch ouch! I’ve had bruises like that from a fall and I KNOW how much it hurts!!!!
      And sitting on a hard chair so soon afterwards?!!! But glad you had a lovely time there. Even if you did just lower the tone by talking about Christmas BEFORE WE’VE EVEN GOT THROUGH HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Still, at least I live in the country. The only trick-or-treaters are the badgers 😉
      Caroline x

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