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Fright Night!

So… this is one of those blogs where we throw the forum over to you!  Because tomorrow is Halloween, and we’d love to know what you’ll all be doing.  Will you be dressing up, and going out into the night to face whatever comes your way?  Do you plan on a Fright Night, with scary books or movies?  Or do you prefer to keep the lights on, and indulge in some more calming and down-to-earth pursuits?

We’ve put together a Fiendish Quiz, to get you in the mood, and please leave us a comment and tell us your Halloween stories.  Do you have a favourite scary book?  Or perhaps an all-time favourite Halloween costume?  Please tell us about it!


4 thoughts on “Fright Night!”

  1. WOW that was fun I got three correct 🙂

    Here in Australia Halloween is just starting to take off and for purely commercial reasons I am sure, when my kids were little we did nothing now with the grandkids they have dressed up and gone trick or treating and the last 3 years I have made sure that I have some lollies if someone knocks on the door although last year we had to eat the lot because no one knocked LOL. We won’t be going out but I do have some lollies at the ready and am happy to share with trick or treaters 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Helen! And well done on getting three, there are some tricky ones in there 🙂 Looking at the stats, Q5 seems to be the one which most people had trouble with. (That was the one I knew! Funny the things which stick in your mind 🙂 )

      Here in the UK Trick or Treating is a relatively new thing too, but it’s very popular. I particularly love all the costumes! And of course in a week’s time we’ll have Guy Fawkes Night, so lots of fireworks.

  2. When we moved to Orlando in 1992, we bought a house on a cul-de-sac. My boys were 7 and 9, and the neighborhood was very convenient with the primary school a block away and the middle school 3 blocks in the other direction. In our cluster of 17 homes there were 23 children all about the same age. Now all the children are grown and moved away, so it’s just us grandparents and no trick-or-treaters the past 3 years. I didn’t even buy any treats this year. I did buy a couple of trinkets for my grandson, as he is only 16 months and not really understanding the concept yet. He has a little Mickey Mouse costume, so I can’t wait to see him dressed up! My night will be spent at home watching my DVR programs. (and I confess I will probably buy a bag of half price candy Wednesday morning. They better have peanut butter cups!)

    1. Laurie, your little grandson in a Mickey Mouse costume sounds too cute for words!

      Treating yourself on Wednesday morning sounds like a very fine idea. I have to confess I’ve never had peanut butter cups, but since I’m a big fan of peanut butter they sound like something I need to research 🙂 I’ll have to take a look and see if I can find them in the shops tomorrow.

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