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Procrastination and pants!

Thinking, Women, Businesswoman.I was a little short on inspiration for this blog this morning and didn’t know what to write about, so I did what any sensible woman would do and went shopping instead! Online shopping. The bane and the bliss of my life!! LOL. Today it was knickers/pants/panties (depending on where you come from). Yesterday it was mascara, two days ago it was yarn for a new baby blanket I’m making. Yes. Shopping addict. But we don’t have a Marks and Spencer’s here in New Zealand, and they do–hands down–the best every day pants/knickers a woman can buy at a great price. And the choices of wool/yarn overseas is better than here too, so what’s a girl to do?

Anyhoo, I digress. Because that’s what I do. A lot. As well as shopping today I’ve also run 2km and done weight training, spent far too long chatting to my boy about Married At First Sight’s drama-filled episode last night and done an hour’s yoga class. So here I am at my desk in the middle of the afternoon and still no completed blog post and no new words for my current wip.


What to do? I frustrate myself by not being more productive! I’ve tried making myself more accountable and set up bullet point journals with lists of things I need to do. I’ve tried to increase my daily word count to push myself harder and nothing’s worked. But colour me joyful when I read this blog post and discovered that procrastination and distraction can even be an asset.

Hoorah! Online shopping is helping me in my job! So now I have to accept that distraction and procrastination are part of my process and this is who I am. And while I’m still hoping to get enough words done today I’m going to stop beating myself up about not being the perfect writer who sits down at 9am and writes a zillion words every day. That’s not me. And it’s okay. It’s okay not to chase that idea of ‘perfection’ we see in other people and just be our own selves more (but that’s a whole other blog post!!). 

Because, I do manage to write the words in the end. Proof being that I have a new book out at the moment and another one coming next month. Here’s the details of both in case you fancy checking them out.

But, before you do that, tell me…what do you do for procrastination? And, if you know of a better pants/knickers/panties retailer than Marks and Spencer’s please share!!

Something Beg Mistletoe Tania

She’s the Grinch who hates Christmas. He’s determined to make this the best holiday season ever. What they need is a Christmas miracle. What they have is a match made in candy cane hell…

But when Faith and Blake are forced to work together to make Christmas dreams come true for a local kindergarten, things start to heat up between them. A kiss under the mistletoe is only the start of the thaw…

This Christmas, can Blake melt Faith’s heart and show her that miracles really can happen…?



Nurses special delivery


A baby for Christmas…and a father too?

When nurse Abbie Cook meets gorgeous Scottish paramedic Callum Baird there’s an instant attraction. But the timing couldn’t be more wrong. Abbie’s best friend Emma is about to give birth to a longed-for surrogate baby for her, and Callum has responsibilities at home that mean he can’t commit to Abbie.

As Christmas approaches, Callum and Abbie can’t deny the passion between them. But will the sudden arrival of baby Gracie give them the miracle they long for?


8 thoughts on “Procrastination and pants!”

  1. Hi Louisa

    Great post when I am not doing what I should I can usually be found playing solitaire on the PC or of course reading LOL and I do that a lot 🙂

    I don’t do much online shopping at all especially for clothes and such I do a bit at Christmas time for kids presents that is so much easier than at a shopping centre.

    Love the sound of these books and they are waiting for me on the kindle 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, I’m a solitaire player too! I find it very meditative. Reading is mostly now work-related but I have recently learnt crochet and have managed to sneak in a few rows today too….still not hit my word count! LOL
      Hope you enjoy the books! xxx

  2. I am a great procrastinator. Senior thesis in college (assigned in January, due May 1st) was researched in the last 2 days and typed the night before. Income taxes? done the night before they are due. Coloring my hair before my sons wedding? 10 am that day.
    I have resolved to get better, so I may start a task and then let it get finished the last minute. My favorite distractions are playing Cross Stitch world on Facebook, online shopping (making wish lists), editing photos for my digital scrapbooks, and of course reading; just one more chapter and I will get up and do what I have to do (virtually impossible with my full Kindle thanks to all you wonderful harlequin authors who make it so hard to put down a book).

    1. Laurie, we are procrastination twins!! LOL. I do a lot of last-minute stuff. It’s just our way and, for me, no amount of resolve is going to change it so I may as well embrace it and accept it…(that way I get to do the procrastination fun stuff!!!). I haven’t heard of Cross Stitch world…this could be dangerous…off to check it out!

      1. Virtual cross stitch, so much easier on my fingers, plus you can turn one of your own photos into a cross stitch pattern every day. There is also a community, people trade patterns, and some folks run contests (speed, best picture for a theme, ) and those are fun.

  3. Louisa, I’m thrilled at the thought that all my procrastination might not be a complete waste of time! For some reason I find it impossible to go into Marks and Sparks without checking out the socks – I usually decide I already have more than enough pairs of socks at home, but that doesn’t seem to make the slightest bit of difference. (I’m an M&S knicker fan, too 🙂 )

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