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It’s beginning to look a lot like….

Anyone who knows me knows that I am complete Christmas nut.  In the UK there’s a radio station called Magic Christmas that plays Christmas songs all day from 1 December. As I drove my youngest to a football match the other day singing Wham’s Last Christmas at the top of my voice, he waited until we were in the traffic jam then steamed up the window with his breath and wrote HELP on the window.  I’m not sure that the people in the car next to us really understood until he put the window down and let them hear my singing….


Here’s another of my traditions.  I go down to London every September for the Mills and Boon author lunch.  The timing is perfect as even though it’s September the Harrods Christmas shop has just opened.  I’ve bought one of these decorations every year since I’ve been published and absolutely love them.  I also emailed Harrods the other day to tell them I’ve ran out of colours.  They let me know there will be a lovely purple one next year!


I’ve also had a little change.  After years of a red Christmas tree this year I’ve gone for rose gold.  I like it right now, but within a week I’ll probably change my mind again!

I have two Christmas books out this year – a medical – A Family Made at Christmas – and a book for Tule Publishing – the Jingle Bell Bride.

But even more exciting is the release of my YA book the Extinction Trials out on 28 December.  The cover still gives me chills!

Extinction Trials

Next year is going to be non stop.  I have two new YA books to write and four more Mills and Boon, all along with the full-time job.  Sleep, as always, will be an optional extra!

Merry Christmas from Scotland xx


6 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like….”

  1. Oh Scarlet! I love Christmas this hard as well and have several decorations on my tree that have come from Harrods too. I love their Christmas store, could spend hours there!
    Merry Christmas from DownUnder xxxx

  2. Hi Scarlet

    I love your tree and the decorations from Harrods maybe one day I will get there and have a cold Christmas it is stinking hot over here at the moment and I have the ac one and our tree well this year we have 2 kittens and they have all but destroyed it LOL one of them even knocked it over today so most of our decorations are still packed away we are hoping by next year they will leave it alone.

    Woohoo on all of the books you have been busy and that gives me more to read 🙂

    Merry Christmas

    Have Fun

  3. Your rose gold tree is gorgeous! And I laughed out loud at your poor son being tortured by your singing, though he probably secretly thinks it’s funny, and it will always be a memory to make him smile 🙂

    Congratulations on your YA debut! Love the cover and the concept – best of luck!

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