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Christmas Traditions That Never Get Old

Susan Carlisle

I’m a traditionalist by nature. Especially at Christmas time. I have a real tree, like real greenery on the mantle and around the house. I even planted a magnolia tree so that I would have cuttings for Christmas.  Christmas 5.

My tree is decorated with ornaments my children made thirty years ago, ones that were given to me as wedding shower presents over thirty five years ago, and even a few that hung on my grandmother’s family tree.Christmas 2Christmas 3

The tree skirt I made almost forty years ago from one I saw in a Neiman Marcus catalog. I still like it and use it every year.Christmas 4

I did make one nod to a new style this year by adding the red ribbon on the tree. I guess I’ll be on my death bed before I change something again.

I have also cross-stitched stockings for each to the original six of us that have a motif related to each of our personalities. I am now working on adding one for each of the in-laws. There are three of them. I’ve got two more of those to go before I start on grand kids.Christmas 6

As you can tell memories are important to me. I pull out my special photo album out each December. It has the pictures of my children through the years sitting with Santa Claus or not in some cases. Now that they are grown and have their own children these pictures are extra special.


Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from Georgia.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions That Never Get Old”

  1. Hi Susan

    That is such a lovely post and I too have a few decorations still that my kids made at school on the tree although our tree is an artificial one we have had real trees in the past but it gets s hot over here that they don’t last long at all some years.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family thank you for the wonderful stories 🙂

    Have Fun

  2. I love Holiday Traditions also. I have some antique glass tree ornaments that belonged to my great-grandmother, my maternal grandmother’s Angel tree topper and her cookie cutters (including a vintage Minnie and Mickey Mouse), my other grandmothers glass gumdrop tree, a few hand-made ornaments my mom made along with a hooked-yarn Christmas tree skirt she made for my first married Christmas in 1980 and her nativity set, ornaments my children made, and my Precious Moments nativity set my husband bought for me on our first Christmas. This year I am starting to give my sons and their wives some of the handmade ornaments I have made over the years, and made up a Christmas cookie book with family recipes for each of them. I also buy an ornament from every country/trip I take, so I have lots of Caribbean themed ornaments and some from Hawaii and Alaska. I have a huge Christmas tree that I love, but the only place I can put it blocks part of my hallway so my husband can’t get past it in his walker. My son is coming over to help me move furniture (I have a big sectional) so I can put the tree in between the living and dining areas. Besides my ornaments from family, I use the ones I have made and collected on the tree, and because the tree is so big I also tuck in my collection of Christmas and Disney Beanie babies. Can’t wait until my 18 months old grandson sees it!
    I never heard of decorating with magnolia leaves, though. I have a huge magnolia in my backyard I could use!
    Happy Holidays, all!

    1. Laurie,
      Thanks for sharing. I remember my grandmother’s gum drop tree. Magnolia is great to decorate with because all you have to do is put a small limb in a place and it looks great. Even when it dries it still has a nice look.

  3. Oh I wish we had real trees over here like that, Susan – I would have one n a flash! We just have these anameic spindly looking things……
    Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx

    1. Mine is a fir from New Hemshire. I think it is especially pretty. I have one shipped to me very year, for the past 25 years.

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