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From Maternity Leave to Medical Romance!

Happy New Year!

Now that the last of the mince pies have been eaten and the rogue Christmas decorations have been tucked away, it’s time for most of us to return to something resembling routine. For Harlequin Mills & Boon editors Vic Britton and Carly Byrne this means embarking on a whole new normal as they return from maternity leave and swap babies for billionaires!

A few weeks ago I was knee-deep in nappies, baby food and squeaking animals… now I’m neck-deep in heroes, heroines and glamorous locations… how life has changed! As a commissioning editor for the Harlequin UK series team I love nothing more than getting lost in romance. It’s an extreme contrast from where I’ve been ‘lost’ for the past 10 months – on maternity leave with my first little bundle of noise, snot and sticky hands, otherwise known as Henry.

Being my first baby I’ve certainly gone through the rollercoaster of emotions I’m sure all new mums go through, from the moment he was born and life changed forever to the moment I went back to work and life changed yet again! I’ve been back at work now for a mere week and so I’m still riding that rollercoaster, I know I will be for some time, BUT I am so glad to be back! I’m finally Vic again (as opposed to ‘Henry’s mum – proud as I am to be that, of course) and I’m finding that I have a renewed love for and dedication to all things romance.

I have been an editor for 12 years, but during the past 10 months Henry has taught me to be more patient, more caring and more open in all aspects of my life and I can’t wait to bring this new perspective to my editing.

For 4 days of the week it will be hurdles, hooks and happy ever afters, leaving the other 3 for the joy of teething, toddling and tantrums… bring it on!

Vic x

 I’ve returned from mat leave for the second time around, after the birth of my second daughter Isabelle, and I can honestly say (even though it’s a cliché) that the hot cups of tea and uninterrupted adult conversations never get old! I’m much more appreciative of these little luxuries now I’m a mum.

I love having two completely different worlds to inhabit – from wiping faces and trips to the park at home to travelling the world with a gorgeous hero at work (not literally, sadly), but in both worlds, I’ve found a biscuit or treat works well as an incentive!

Reading stories about pregnancy and babies strike a new chord with me – and often cause floods of (usually happy) tears – an occupational hazard when reading Medical Romance. And I’m even more partial to a cover with a cute baby on the front 🙂 

I’m very lucky to work in such a supportive team and in a job that allows me to escape into whatever world I’m reading about. And at the end of the day I get to read bedtime stories to my girls and remember that whether its nursery rhymes now or romance when they’re older – books bring so much comfort and joy!


If you have any questions for Vic or Carly, about toddlers or tycoons(!), please leave them in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “From Maternity Leave to Medical Romance!”

  1. Huge congrats to you both the joys of being a mother never lesson and then they get even better when you become a grandmother (you both have a long way to go for that) I actually have just become a great aunt again this time to a gorgeous little boy named Henry 3 days ago.

    I am sure you are both loving being back at work and yes getting to know some very hot heroes and strong heroines both in need of love and with babies thrown in even better 🙂

    I love reading the medical series they are such great stories so emotional and always leave me smiling, I just wish I had more time read there never seems to be enough hours in the day for reading for me.

    Have Fun


  2. Hi Helen, I don’t know where I’d be without the help of grandmothers and extended family! You’re worth your weight in gold! Agree there are not enough hours in the day for reading – that’s one thing I need to work up to again – my speed reading!

  3. Love your posts, Vic and Carly! I still well remember going back to work when my first was two months old. She’d been a horribly colicky baby and it was so much harder and more lonely staying home taking care of a tiny being than I thought it would be. I was glad to be ‘me’ again, and when people asked me if I was sad leaving may daughter, I’d say “No! I love being back in the real world!” Then they’d look askance at my unmotherly attitude 🙂 So I learned to temper it and say of course I missed her, but I loved being at work, too. Which was true 🙂 Best of luck to both of you!

    1. Thanks Robin, I totally agree! Being back in the real world is great but so are the squidgy cuddles 🙂 I feel lucky to be able to have both.

  4. Hello Vic!
    I just met you at RWA 2018 in Denver, and am so tickled to learn you have a newish baby. Your Henry must be around a year old. I hope this wonder brings you joy!
    Belated congratulations to you & Carly.
    Laura Russell

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