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Writing is Like Remodeling

So we remodeled our bathroom before selling our old house a while back. I know, you’re thinking we repainted and freshened things up a little bit. No. We RE-modeled. We took a minuscule bathroom that used to house a toilet and a freestanding plastic box shower (there was no sink) and completely tore it apart to make what became a walk in shower, housed our washer and dryer and was something that I loved to visit (for more than just the obvious reasons). It was a great selling feature when we sold it. What does this have to do with writing? Well, as we were going through the labor pains of this project, it made me think about how similar it is to my writing process. Especially in these ways:

Our bathroom stripped down to the floor joists!
  1. I start with the kernel of an idea. It is like that original bathroom—rudimentary at best, with just the bare necessities.
  2. The idea has to be gutted…pared down to the foundations in order to build what will eventually house a finished story.
  3. Then comes the rebuilding—one step at a time, with each plot element in its place, until you’ve completed the first draft.
  4. Finally you arrive at a fleshed-out story—something you’re proud of. A story you’re happy to visit…and revisit!

    Finished at last!

So what do you think? There are all kinds of analogies for writing. I think decorating a Christmas tree could also be used: bare tree plus lights plus decorations, etc. Do you have any do it yourself stories (successful or not) you’d like to share? Or, if you’re a writer, are there any comparisons that fit your process? And here’s the latest finished project…er, I mean book.


Losing a baby tore them apart…

Can having another reunite them?

Losing their daughter left doctors Tucker and Kady heartbroken and when he couldn’t face trying for another child, it left their marriage in pieces. When they meet again at a medical event, their memories are reawakened—along with their scorching chemistry! But Kady still longs for a baby, and Tucker must finally face his fears if he’s to find happiness with her again…



3 thoughts on “Writing is Like Remodeling”

  1. Hi Tina – yes, I’d agree with you that writing is exactly like re-modelling. And from my own recent efforts, I’d like to add that chipping away at bumpy plaster, re-plastering and painting gives me lots of thinking time to come up with some new plot twists 🙂 x

  2. Oh, Annie, you’re so right! There’s nothing like a mindless but absorbing task to free the thought processes. While we had them in our lives, I used to find walking the dogs helped all the pieces of the writing jigsaw fall into place. Much easier than refitting a bathroom or kitchen – going for a walk doesn’t fix that! But I agree with Tina, any task that requires you to strip it down to basics and rethink the arrangement of the essential elements is like the refining process of plotting and writing a novel. With lots of ‘why did I think THAT was a good idea?’ moments!
    I’m just starting that process with my current book, and I might have to go and get another dog, just to free up my mind. Or maybe that’s just a massive distraction…! 🙂 x

  3. Editing is like remodelling to me. I’ve made this thing and then…oooo….wouldn’t it be nice if I moved that bit here or this other bit there. Love it. I always take a walk up to the cow barn and have a little cuddle with the beasties and then the ideas start to flow (far away from my laptop of course!) Love the new cover. Looks great! xx Annie O’

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