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A year of culture…

kate hardy sept 2015 400pxTwo years ago, I turned 50 and designated it a Year of Having Fun. I had lots of little birthday celebrations with people, I ate way too much cake, and I burned the candle at both ends.

Last year, I thought that it should be the Year of Carpe Diem – so between those two years I managed to see all three of my favourite musicians (Robert Plant, Radiohead and David Gilmour), and it was our 25th wedding anniversary so we ended up in Verona, which was lovely.

This year is going to be the Year of Culture.

Let’s start with the medical authors’ special giveaway, because you’re reading this blog because you love medical romance ๐Ÿ™‚ ย You can find the entry form here!

So, my Year of Culture. I’m overdoing things just a tad for my birthday fortnight. So I have Twelfth Night at Stratford-upon-Avon this weekend (and a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace), Hamilton in London next week, and Jeremy Irons in ‘A Long Day’s Journey into Night’ the weekend after. Add in a visit to a stately home (that’s research), afternoon tea in Norwich’s Assembly House (aka super-historic) twice, and an evening at Phill Jupitus’ show (where he does his own support act and reads poetry) – yep, it’s going to be good.

Did I mention tickets for three different Shakespeare productions at the Globe? (Othello, Shrew (that’s my daughter’s A level text, which is why I’m squeezing it in the day before we go to Florence and I’ll have to drive both ways), and the Two Noble Kinsmen). Oh, and another Stratford trip to see Macbeth. And a lot more stand-up – Jon Richardson (twice, because he’s my daughter’s favourite comedian), Tim Vine, Bill Bailey and Danny Baker. Musically, I have tickets booked for Scott Matthew, Sheridan Smith, Joe Bonamassa and Def Leppard. And I’m waiting for the Tate Gallery to announce booking details for their Burne-Jones exhibition (my favourite artist – I’ve been waiting rather impatiently since last October, but it opens this October so surely they can’t keep us waiting much longer?). Plus of course Florence, where I finally get to see the Uffizi, the Duomo and the Accademia ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s going to be a good year. Do you enjoy theatre and art exhibitions? What have you seen recently, or can’t wait to see?


13 thoughts on “A year of culture…”

  1. WOW Kate sounds like it is going to be a fabulous year, over the years I have been to a few concerts not a lot of live shows but a couple we really enjoy cruising now and we have two booked for this year so much fun we can do a lot or just relax ๐Ÿ™‚

    have Fun


  2. Kate, Iโ€™m exhausted just reading your list, but that doesnโ€™t matter, because it sounds amazing and inspiring and I can imagine how little lightbulbs will start firing every time you go somewhere! Enjoy!

  3. That sounds fab! We see a lot of theatre every year …it’s how DH and I met. I smiled when I saw you were going to Macbeth in Stratford. I will be in Stratford for one night only and I sighed when the only show on that day, a Monday, was Macbeth. I made a decision a few years ago that I only go to Shakespeare comedies these days. I’m saving my money and putting it toward a West End show. Your post has reminded me I must go and look what is on in September!

    1. Is that the same Macbeth I’m seeing in April? Because it’s meant to be *really* good… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy your west end show! Xx

  4. No big cultural trips in the offing. but I may have hinted i would like tickets to see Elton John’s farewell tour coming to Orlando in November! My days of travelling to places far and wide are over, but I am going to Atlanta with my son and his family in August for a few days, she got Taylor Swift tickets for Christmas, and I am going along to babysit little Spencer who will have just turned 2, and my brother and his wife will meet us there for a mini-reunion!

  5. Pam,
    You can be my cultural tour guide anytime!. It all sounds like great fun. I’ve seen a number of major art museums in the world and would love to return to many of them. I love plays even had season tickets when I was in college. I’ll be seeing Justin Timberlake in March, visiting Paris, Berlin and London in May. I plan to see some plays and museums while there. We are big into sports in my family and I try to balance it with culture as well. I look forward to hearing about all your events.

    1. May – when in May? (Because it’d be nice to meet up for museum/art – but May’s quite full with Chris turning 21 and us going to Florence.) Have a *wonderful* time xx

  6. Gosh…are you taking some time off writing, Kate? ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a fabulous year you have planned.

    We tried to book King Lear when we were in London last year – on the day of, mind you. But there were a couple of seats available still and I’ve always wanted to see something at the Globe. But the online booking system kept kicking me off and they didn’t do it over the phone and I was frustrated and very jetlagged and gave up. We went and saw Mousetrap instead! Mind you, that’s always been on my bucket list too, so win/win.

    But next time in London – we’re definitely going to the Globe to see something Shakespeare, I dont care what ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Time off? What’s that? ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’ll be lovely. Plus I’ll be taking Chloe around to visit universities in the summer. Shake you didn’t get to the Globe, but yay that you saw the Mousetrap. BTW, when you do go, make sure you hire cushions. I went with my BFF and we were going to be hardcore, but OMG we needed those cushions!! Xx

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