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Cover Crazy

One of the best things about writing Medical Romance, is the books which arrive regularly on my doorstep – not just the English-language editions, but the translations, too.  Many of the covers are beautiful, and since most of our English-language readers probably never get to see them, I thought I’d treat you today to a quick round-up of my own favourite covers from around the world.

My first stop is Italy – this cover was for the Italian edition of my first book ‘All She Wants for Christmas’.  I remember thinking I’d really made it into the world of romance writing when I saw this, because it’s the perfect romantic scene.  A heroine in a red dress, a hero in a tux and a glittering Christmas Tree.  Thank you Italy!


Next, Germany.  Here’s the cover for ‘Re-Awakening his Shy Nurse’.  I can’t really claim this cover as all mine – there are three books in this anthology, but I’m sure that my book-buddies, Louisa George and Fiona McArthur, won’t mind if I say that the cover fits my story exactly.  A story about a vet who’s setting up a nature reserve wouldn’t be complete without a few trees…


Now France.  I love the gorgeous, romantic French covers, and this one seems to me to really fit the bill.

Discovering Dr Riley

And Iceland.  The image fits the story beautifully, but I like the title even better :).  ‘Snowbound with the Surgeon’ became ‘Hot Snow’!

Hot Snow

My tour wouldn’t be complete without Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.  It’s difficult to choose from the many and gorgeous covers from Scandinavia, but this one really caught my eye.


Next, Poland.  Here’s the cover for ‘Discovering Dr Riley’.  This story is set in the city, so the image is just perfect.


Holland uses a blue theme for it’s medical romances.  I loved this edition of ‘Doctor on her Doorstep’


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour, and I can’t finish without a big thank you to all the cover artists!  Or without including one of the brand new covers which are part of the UK re-launch for 2018.  Here’s the cover for ‘Healed by the Single Dad Doc’, which is available now!



Could single dad Ethan be the one…

…to put Kate together again?

When kind-hearted single father Dr Ethan Conway comes to vet Kate Foster’s rescue one night, it forges an unexpected bond between them. Could Kate be the perfect woman for Ethan and his young son to let into their life? If Kate can learn to trust again and let Ethan help her perhaps they can both move on—and be a family!


9 thoughts on “Cover Crazy”

  1. I love all of your foreign covers, especially your latest Dad Doc Mills & Boon! Thanks for starting my day with a smile.

  2. LOVE your newest cover! What a fabulous image. What is it about single dads that make them so appealing?! Gorgeous. Can’t wait to read it! And yes, the Scandinavian covers are fabulous, aren’t they? But my favourite of your selection is your Italian Christmas one. Says it all 🙂

    1. Thank you Caroline! I’m not sure what makes the Single Dad Doctors so appealing, but I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Ethan. Particularly when his son tries to take charge of his love life :). And yes, that Italian Christmas cover really does say it all. x

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