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Book recommendations for traveling?

Hello and happy March!

I’m having a very exciting time planning a sabbatical with my husband. We leave on March 23rd and will be away for 9 weeks! We’re fitting a lot in including a weekend in Vancouver, an Easter wedding in UK, a romantic weekend in Paris, a family get together in Barcelona, a 10 day hike in northern Spain (covering 200kms), a recuperative week in Portugal (we’re going to need it!! LOL), a gourmet week in Italy and a tour of Russia.

img_6189.jpgPacking everything to cover all these things will be interesting, to say the least, and there will be no room for books so I’m taking my trusty kindle. I’m looking for any must-reads you’ve found this year?

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours… 🙂

These are my most recent reads…

I have never read any Jayne Ann Krentz before, but thoroughly enjoyed reading Promise Not To Tell which is a suspense novel about a woman who has narrowly escaped a cult and the people she spent time with there…there was enough suspense to keep me interested and enough romance to make me sigh.

On Second Thought is another wonderful Kristan Higgins read about families, sisters and love (falling in, falling out, searching for, and then unexpectedly finding it). I adore Higgins’ books and you’re always guaranteed a few laughs and few tears and very satisfactory ending.

Still Me is book three in the life of Louisa Clark (the first one is Me Before You then there’s After You), an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey to find love and herself. Moyes always writes such heartfelt prose and makes me weep!

Edge of Truth is the second book by Brynn Kelly about a group of ex-French foreign legion soldiers. The first book, Deception Island, won the RWNZ KORU Award last year and is a hot suspense novel that had me gripped on the first page. I’m just diving into this, but if it’s as good as the first one I’ll be thrilled.

The Camino. Unless you’re a fan of Shirley MacLaine (yes, the actress) or hiking in Spain this one won’t be for you. It’s a whacky and weird exploration of Shirley’s ideas and ‘past lives’ and not so much about the walk… this was inadvertently on the photo so thought I’d better mention it!!

(And I have Fiona Lowe’s Birthright downloaded already and waiting! 🙂 )

So…what have you read that will hold my interest on those long plane and train journeys? I love suspense and crime and (obviously) romance and women’s fiction. Also…what about audio books? Do you like them? Would you recommend?


6 thoughts on “Book recommendations for traveling?”

  1. Your trip sounds AMAZING! I confess to being a teensy bit jealous! I was going to suggest Birthright but thank you, you already have it. 🙂 For light reading, I usually enjoy a Sophie Kinsella or a Kirsten Higgins. I just enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I would also recommend My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Stroud and In The Quiet by Eliza Henry-Jones for books that keep you thinking long after you put them down. Beware the bed bugs on the Camino. Enjoy! xxx

    1. Hi Fiona! Yes, we’re very lucky to be doing all this! We’re cheating a bit on the Camino, though and staying in B&Bs instead of the hostels so hoping there won’t be bed bugs….*shudder*
      I keep seeing Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in the book stores, so will have another look, maybe download a sample. Thanks for the other recs too, I’ll definitely be looking them up too xx

  2. WOW what a fabulous trip I hope we get to see some photos you are going to have a blast 🙂

    For reading Birthright by Fiona Lowe is an awesome story I loved it and Stefanie London’s Bad Bachelor is really good this one will make you smile, Differently Normal by Tammy Robinson is a really good read although this one is a love story / woman’s fiction not a romance and there will be tears .

    Have Fun


    1. Hi Helen! Yes, we’re very lucky and yes…you will be inundated with photos LOL!
      Thanks for the recs…looking forward to Birthright! I’ll look up Differently Normal and of course, I always enjoy Stef’s books so I’ll look that up too! xxx

  3. Louisa,
    I’m not as good as Fiona. I will admit I am jealous! It sounds like a wonderful trip. If you have a layover in Atlanta let me know and I will come see you.
    As for reading I recently enjoyed, Cherry Adairs’ Riptide. Very fast paced and exciting action adventure. For something short Caro Carson is good. For something sweet Cierra Knight is great.
    Happy travels!

    1. Hi Susan! Our layover is in Vancouver, so I won’t be catching up with you this year 😦 Oh, I love Cherry Adair, but haven’t read Riptide, will get on to it right now! Will investigate your other recommendations for sure. I love short and sweet! ❤

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