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Guest blog – Fiona McArthur

Thanks so much for welcoming me back and huge congrats to the RITA finalists. Super dooper great news.

In my news I’m lucky enough to have two books out this month with two different publishers and I’d love to share them over here on LITBM. I think both have beautiful covers and the stories still warm my heart.


HEALED BY THE MIDWIFE’S KISS is the my second book in the Midwives of Lighthouse Bay Series and my 35th Medical Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon.

Finn, my single dad doctor, has the cutest baby daughter in Piper and I just love, love, love the way they interact with each other. Then again, widowed midwife Catrina does too, though with a pang for what she’s believes she’s never going to have. Catrina is my Lighthouse Bay midwife, the one who lives in the second cottage on the hill overlooking the gorgeous beach, and I love this book, love these people and love Lighthouse Bay. It was so good to drop in there and catch up with previous characters and I hope you enjoy your visit because there’s more romantic Lighthouse Bay books coming next year.

HEALED BY THE MIDWIFE’S KISS is available now.

My second book this month is out as a paperback in April but the ebook is out now on all platforms.

Mothers Day_FCAMOTHERS’ DAY has a long history with medical romance, some may remember my second ever book for HM&B way back in 2002 which I have the rights back to now. I’ve always wanted to delve into the lives of those secondary characters of Jacinta and Noni’s Aunt Win as well as watch Noni drag Iain into the real world of families. Thankfully, Penguin Random House in Australia loved the idea and here we have a great big, juicy book, full of strong women. I’m so proud of it and can’t wait to share.

MOTHERS’ DAY celebrates mums and those who aren’t really your mum but mother you anyway. And of course this is Jacinta’s pregnancy journey so if you know someone who’s having a baby there are so many really fun antenatal scenes during the classes in the book. I’m sure they’d love it too.

MOTHERS’ DAY is available as an ebook, now.

When I had my four under four boys, and was working two days a week as a midwife, my next door neighbour mothered me when my mum was working. She’d sneak to my washing line and fold all my clothes, or take the boys next door and tell me to just read a book for an hour. You can guess what I read. Yep. Medical romance. She was wonderful. We all know someone who mothers you, it could be your awesome mum, a big sister or someone else, and you are so very thankful for them. I’d love to hear about your special mothering person or someone you mother because you understand. Mum’s are awesome.

Warmest wishes for a safe and joyful Easter.


12 thoughts on “Guest blog – Fiona McArthur”

  1. Woohoo Fiona fabulous post fabulous stories and I am going to start Mothers Day this weekend and can’t wait (I need someone to mother me now with house work so as I can read LOL) and I have the 2 medial romances also waiting for me lucky me 🙂

    When I had my four kids in 6 years my Mum still worked full time and lived 30 mins away and she didn’t drive but I had lots of neighbours and we would spend a lot of time together chatting while all of our kids played together and they were some of the best times 🙂

    Woohoo congrats Fiona

    Have Fun

  2. Thanks Helen, hope your cruise was relaxing, and I can imagine the fun times with neighbours and kids because you are such good value to talk to anytime. Warmest wishes for a beautiful Easter weekend and thank you for dropping in. xxFi

  3. Fiona,
    It is so good to have you here. Love the new books coming out. The stories sound wonderful.
    I do have someone that mothers me, outside of my own mother. I had only brothers so a friend of mine has become my sister. She takes care of me and I like it. Usually simple things but they add up to greatness.

  4. Congratulations, Fiona on your newest releases. I can’t wait to delve into both books. I love to read any medical related books and have probably read most if not all of your Harlequin books.

  5. Congratulations on your big milestone, Fiona! I know a lot of work has gone into all those wonderful stories. The books sound great, and I absolutely love both covers 🙂

  6. Hey Fi! Love hearing about what you’re up to. I’m wondering if Lighthouse Bay is set at a particular lighthouse you and I have visited before? 😉
    Congrats on baby 35 xxx

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