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Siblings Day

I’m filling in with a post for the blog today, and in an attempt to put myself in the path of a few passing ideas, I hit the internet.  And what should I find but that yesterday was Siblings Day.  It’s an American holiday, but have a feeling I’ll be appropriating it on an ongoing basis.  All good things should be shared, after all!

So I’m writing today in praise of siblings.  I have one of each, a brother and a sister.  I can’t think of many other people that I’ve fought with so often, or defended so implacably.  Who have forgiven so much in me, and supported me beyond the point where any rational person would have given up on me.  And we’ve done all of that since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Not many people know me so well, and there’s no-one who’s known me for so long.

Maybe the fact that I’m a ‘middle child’ has moulded my personality – lots of people say that it does, although I’m a strong believer in the idea that you are whatever you make of yourself.  All I can say is, that I’d be a very different person without my brother and sister.

And – of course, it’s not just the people that we share parents with.  Calling someone a ‘brother’ or a ‘sister’ is a way of saying that they’ve been with us through thick and thin.  We all have brothers and sisters – even the only children amongst us.

So – are there little things that your brothers or sisters do for you, which no-one else does?  My sister called me her ‘skin and blister’ when I was a baby, and continued to do so  when we grew up.  My brother makes me chocolate cake, because he knows how much I like it.

Do you celebrate Siblings Day?  I didn’t this year, because it’s a new one on me, but there’s always next year…


3 thoughts on “Siblings Day”

  1. Hi Annie

    We don’t really celebrate Siblings day here in Australia either but I think we should 🙂 I am the eldest of four girls not boys in our family and there is only 5 years and 10 days between myself and the youngest ( it is her birthday today) so we were very close growing up always fighting and then laughing we have been through so much together, three of us are married and grandmothers now and one sister still single and she lives here at my place so we are still together, one lives a couple of hours drive away and one lives in another state and we don’t get to see her too much but we try at Christmas time to all get together and fun times begin 🙂

    Happy Siblings Day to those who celebrate

    Have Fun

    1. Four sisters, Helen! How wonderful, I bet the house is noisy when you all get together :).

      My grandmother was one of eight sisters, and growing up I remember there was always some squabble going on between one or the other of them. They always patched it up, though, and they stuck together all their lives.

  2. I am the oldest of 4, 2 girls followed by 2 boys. We were all born within 3 and a half years to the day..I can’t imagine being pregnant that much i that short time! My sister and I are 13 months apart, fought like cats and dogs until we were grown and married, now we are best friends. My brothers live in another state, I don’t see them often, and since I was away at college I missed their high school years, so I only remember them as the troublemakers of the preteen kind. We still see each other a couple times a year, but i’m certainly closer to my sister. Sometimes we even show up in the same clothes (even tho we live over 1000 miles away and do’t shop together)

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