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Scorpions & Other Unexpected Things

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We just got back from a nice holiday in Tennessee. We stay in the same cabin every time we go, and I must say, it’s awesome. Three stories, hot tub, jacuzzi, pool table, fully-stocked kitchen. The best part is that this cabin sits on the top of a mountain. And the bears…can’t forget to mention the bears that come prowling at night, looking for food. Last time we were there, one of them came up on the porch and banged the trash cans against the house. I thought it was pretty awesome. The rest of the people who were with us (we always take a gang along because the cabin’s so big) didn’t agree with me. teddy-214687__340[1]
But, I like the bears and all the other creatures we’re warned to be careful around. This year, however, we encountered a creature I’m not too fond of. When my niece and her five-year-old daughter went to bed one night, they turned back the covers and found…a scorpion! Jennifer, my niece, jumped out of bed screaming while, at the same time, trying to take pictures. MacKenzie, on the other hand, simply came upstairs and said to my hubby Joel, “I think we have a problem downstairs. Would you please go fix it?” She was, as they say, cool as a cucumber. My thought was: When did MacKenzie get so mature? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
While everybody in the cabin was freaking out in some manner because one small scorpion had invaded us, MacKenzie was being practical. She asked if she could crawl in bed with me because she didn’t have shoes on and she didn’t want to accidentally step on a scorpion.
It was interesting, and often unexpected watching MacKenzie. We see her at least once a week, and I suppose the changes sneak up when we’re not noticing. She went ice skating for the first time. Normally, MacKenzie is reluctant to try new things, so Joel was anticipating tears and resistance, and he was prepared to get some good pictures of that. But Mack surprised us all by pulling herself the whole way around the rink, then saying afterwards, “I think I’ll do that again sometime.” Same thing with riding the tram. She simply got on and rode to the mid-point of the mountain. But the best was the Alpine slide. She had to take a ski lift up, then slide all the way back down. Again, the bets were in that Mack wouldn’t do it. But she did, and she loved it.ski-lift-933588__340
It’s fun watching the changes in her, but it’s also a little sad that she’s growing up so quickly. But, that’s part of the process, like it or not. Everything changes. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not so good and sometimes because that’s just the way it goes.

As a writer, I see changes in what I do. Not too long ago I went back and read some of the first book I ever wrote for Harlequin, The Doctor Dilemma. It was good, but it certainly isn’t anything I would write today. In fact, after I’d read a little of it, I was surprised how much my style has changed. Some of that comes with experience or maturity, and some, I believe, is a natural process. Our children grow up (although sometimes I wonder about that) and our writing grows as well. It’s a good thing, I think. But, it can also be painful because maturing in any aspect of our lives isn’t always easy. I had to mature in some of my word choices when I’m around MacKenzie because she catches on much quicker than I prefer.

But that’s OK, because as I’ve come to realize, we’re never quite as mature as we think we are, and luckily, the maturation process is never-ending. Meaning, maybe the next time one of us finds a scorpion in bed, we’ll act more like MacKenzie and less like the cabin full of screaming, blithering idiots all of us turned into.

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As always, wishing you health & happiness!



4 thoughts on “Scorpions & Other Unexpected Things”

  1. I love this post, Dianne! First, I had no idea there were scorpions in Tennessee! Second, I agree that maturing is a never-ending process, and while it’s surprising and at times uncomfortable, it’s something to embrace, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be a sad thing if we humans hit a certain point, say, at 30 years old, and never grew beyond that? I hope to keep growing until I’m no longer on Earth, and it’s clear you do, too 🙂 Here’s to growing as we grow old 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading the story of discovering a scorpion. Your observations about children have me thinking. My 18-year-old has matured a lot in the past year too. In some ways, she has pushed me to mature more as a parent. 🙂 But I wish the stages wouldn’t pass so quickly with our kids.

  3. Hi Dianne

    Great story kids always seem to be a lot stronger than we think I would have been screaming as well LOL

    And I agree with you we all mature and things change as we get older I think back to the romance books I read back in the 70’s and 80’s and wow they were different but I loved them and I love what I am reading now as authors change 🙂

    Have Fun


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