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Springtime and Mother’s Day

At least, it’s springtime here in the U.S. and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, though I know my friends on the other side of the world are enjoying the coming of autumn, instead! 🙂

The emergence and beautiful blooms of spring flowers feels bittersweet to me, as it was my mother’s favorite time of year and I feel her absence, especially since this weekend is Mother’s Day.  An avid gardener, she dreaded when her flowers would get zapped as winter approached by what she called, in a dramatic voice, “The black hand of frost.” So descriptive! 🙂 The first signs of spring made her beyond happy. She planted bulbs in abundance, and adored when her woodland flowers bloomed.

After she passed three years ago, I transplanted some of her flowers to my own garden. The trilliums and forget-me-nots, the bluebells and Jack-in-the-Pulpit and  Solomon’s Seal all blooming now make me think of her and smile, at the same time it makes my heart ache that we can’t walk through our gardens together, or go to various nurseries, or enjoy the several botanical gardens nearby the way we always did. But I remind myself that all those memories mean she’s still here with me, doesn’t it?

Here are a few of the transplants from her garden.

And then there are my own flowers. The azaleas – wow, they are gorgeous right now! And my lilac I planted about five years ago – it’s not quite as fragrant as the old-fashioned ones my mother had, but the flowers are spectacular.

And then a few other things blooming right now–allium (one of the few things the deer don’t munch on!) and lily of the valley, which I love, and which has gotten so thick and lush, filling in the large space I was hoping it would like.

And this pretty little thing which I planted last year and can’t for the life of me remember the name of. Will have to dig in the shed for the little plastic insert, as I expect I still have it. Unless someone knows and can tell me?


So, as I write this and look at the photos, I realize that spring flowers make me a lot happier than sad, and I’m blessed to have had a gardener mother to pass her love of flowers on to me.

How about you? What spring flowers grow in your world, and what are your favorites? Are there any that always remind you of someone you love or loved? I’d like to hear about them, and any special memories you carry with you.

I have a new release out this month, titled Tempted By The Brooding Surgeon. I have to say, I do love my hunky, brooding hero! 🙂 Which do you like best, the Harlequin cover on the left, or the UK cover on the right? xoxo


6 thoughts on “Springtime and Mother’s Day”

  1. Hi Robin

    The are such beautiful photos of your garden I am not a gardener at all my Nanna was and I would love to spend time in the garden with her when I was young unfortunately those genes didn’t carry on to me my mothers reading genes did and I know that every time I pick up a book to read she is with me as your Mum is with you in the garden 🙂

    It has finally started to cool down over here this is the first weekend that I have my winter dressing gown on and I am loving it and I am also really looking forward to your new book and I can’t chose between the covers love that cover model he does look brooding 🙂

    Have Fun


    1. Reading genes are a wonderful thing, Helen! I love that your mother is sitting on your shoulder with you as you read. I can tell you that every author who receives your reviews after all that reading appreciates it more than we can say 🙂

      Glad that you’re getting cooler weather, and enjoying snuggling in to your winter jammies. Hugs and smooches! xoxo

  2. I miss the spring flowers up north, Lilacs, lily of the valley and such don’t do well downhere in Florida. I was so excited a few years ago to visit my sister in Michigan in May, so I could smell those heavenly lilacs. Turns out that sometime in those last 20 years I have become terribly allergic to them. At least here in Florida, my Azaleas and hibiscus are thriving, along with my huge Magnolia tree was is proudly displaying dinner plate sized, lemony smelling blooms until the rain got them last night!

    1. How sad to be allergic to a scent like lilac, Laurie. But how wonderful that you get to enjoy flowers in Florida that don’t do so well here–I would so love to see your amazing Magnolia tree blooms that sound incredible! xoxo

  3. Robin, what beautiful gardens. I am no a gardener, though my father grew Dutch irises commercially and I was more than happy to be out there working with him. Hence that is my favourite flower of all. favourite spring flower is the daffodil. There’s something about those bobbing yellow heads that gets to me.

    1. I remember you saying your father grew Dutch irises commercially, Sue, which is fascinating to me! Have you ever had a character in a book in that business? I, for one, would love to read that! I love irises, too, and since daffodils are pretty much the first blooms of spring, they’re one of my favorites as well.

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