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A Royal Honeymoon!

Even the stoniest of hearts couldn’t fail to shed a tear over the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on Saturday.  In a day full of special moments, what was your favourite?


And after the wedding, the honeymoon.  The Duke and Duchess have decided to delay their honeymoon, and speculation is rife about where they might be going.

So – ladies – you’ve met your fictional prince and you’ve married him!  Where would you go for your honeymoon?  Would you spend a few weeks exploring his country and meeting the people?  Or would you choose a quiet get-away where you could (finally!) be alone with him?  Maybe you’d like a glamorous cosmopolitan location, surrounded by luxury, a cruise on the royal yacht (he has one…), or a stay in a Royal castle (he has more than one of those!). Or perhaps you’d just like to kick off your shoes and walk hand in hand along a deserted beach.  Let your imagination run free and tell us your fantasy Royal honeymoon destination.

7 thoughts on “A Royal Honeymoon!”

  1. What a gorgeous wedding it was I am so happy for them

    For me I would like to cruise on the royal yacht around some gorgeous islands swim in the sea and just chill out

    Have Fun


  2. I love that photo – hadn’t seen that one before! I’d definitely take the yacht 🙂 but (and I could be wrong) I hear they’re off to Namibia!!! I guess they’ll have plenty of privacy there.

  3. I wonder if they’ll dust off Martinique. It’s probably still in the family. Princess Margaret created a lot of scandal there 😉 And it’s very private. TBH I just hope they can find somewhere to have a holiday on their own.

  4. Such a great photo! I’m with Amy Andrews on this one. One of those overwater bungalows would be amazing – chased up by a lifetime of gratitude that I/we were in a position to do so much good (and with a touch of glamorous pzzazzz of course!).

  5. I loved watching the wedding even more than I expected to! The favorite moments have to be the way they both looked at one another during the ceremony *sigh* – obviously truly in love. My other two favorite moments were when one of the boys who were holding the bride’s train had that adorable big, toothless grin behind her, so excited to be a part of it! My other fave was listening to the amazing young cellist play – it was breathtaking.

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