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Festival du Roman Feminin Paris

by Susan Carlisle

Paris3One of my favorite things to do as an author is to meet readers. Since medicals sell so well in France I thought I’d make a trip to Paris to attend the Festival Du Roman Feminin.  I’m glad I did.

Friday, the first day of the Festival started as a beautiful day. I stayed near the MAS Paris which was the event venue and was able to walk there. Staying close was a smart move because I had to carry a number of things with me. As I came in the building I was greeted warmly by those that had organized the event. The MAS has three floors and they were crowded with authors and readers by nine. There was coffee and Danish set out for everyone.Paris1

The first panel I attended was made up of a group of French bloggers. It was all in French which was not translated and I understand very little of what was being said but despite that the panel’s enthusiasm for reading romance shined through. I was impressed. What’s not to love about anyone who loves the same thing you do?

The first event I was involved in was a panel about Writing a Riveting Story in 200 Pages. I shared the panel with some fabulous Harlequin authors Katherine Garbera, Alison Roberts, and Annie West. We each answered a number of very well thought out questions. Each of our answers had to be translated to the crowd. I could only admire the effort the translators put into their work.

Later that day I shared a panel with a French author Maia Loup. We discussed Leaving Everything to Begin New Elsewhere. We talked about starting a new book and what we did to come up with new ideas. The room was full and we were well received, I think. Again everything had to be translated so there was only time for about three questions.

The last panel for the day I shared with Sabrina Jeffries and Annie West. We had a lively discussion. The hostess had prepared thought provoking questions and we (the panelist) played off each other well with our answers.

That evening the Harlequin authors joined two of the staff from the HarperCollinsParis office for drinks on a barge on the Seine River. We had a great time laughing and telling stories. Afterwards the authors had dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.

The next morning started early with me being on the first panel of the day. This one was titled Heroes with a Golden Heart. I shared the table with Alison Roberts and Virginia Heath. Again we had a great discussion. The French aren’t known for asking questions but we had a number of them asked out of this group.

Paris2   On Saturday, I also did a Meet and Greet. This was held in a hallway with a number of other authors. We each had individual tables where we signed books we had brought with us and gave away goodies. I had brought some of my English books and the readers were glad to get them. I gave out bookmarks and highlighters. The readers liked any goodie they could get.

The day and the Festival ended with the book signing. The authors were stationed on all three floors of the building. HarperCollins had provide the French version of one of my books and I’m happy to say they all were taken by readers. I wasn’t

Paris  the hottest ticket at the Festival but I was pleased.

That evening the organizers of the festival were kind enough to invite all the authors to dinner as a thank you. This author thought she should have been buying them a meal. They had worked hard and put on an excellent event. I only saw happy authors and even happier readers.

I have to add that the cherry on top of the Festival was meeting and in some cases getting to know better my fellow Harlequin authors. They were and are a warm, fun and intelligent group of dedicated writers.

Paris is the city of love and I felt loved at the Festival du Roman Feminin.

15 thoughts on “Festival du Roman Feminin Paris”

  1. What a fun experience – I will have to add that one to my bucket list – any excuse to travel- and now I’m off to brush up on my French!

  2. Hi Susan

    Reader/ Author events are always so much fun I have been to a few over her in Australia maybe one day I will get to one overseas but it would be lovely to meet you one day, I have been to a few with Annie West and will be getting to meet Belle Andre in July and Jane Porter, Grace Burroughs, Jackie Ashenden and Maisey Yates as well as some fabulous Aussie authors Anne Gracie, Kelly Hunter in August so I have a few to go to soon 🙂

    Have Fun


  3. I was so excited last year because the RWA conference was in Orlando, and the hotel was abut 15 minutes from my home. I planned to go to the meet the authors event, and had printed out the list of authors and highlighted my “must meets”, because a lot of my favorite medical authors were going to be there. Sadly, the day before the event I got really sick with bronchitis and ended up in the ER, and wasn’t able to go. This year I was lucky enough to meet up with Amy Ruttan, who was visiting Disney for her birthday. Hopefully the RWA will come back to Orlando one day, or come to a city where I know someone I can visit and go to the RWA at the same time!

  4. Susan, you were a lovely guest, and your summary of the event here is like you, full of passion and kindness! We loved your accent, your enthusiasm, your travelling cardboard doctor and your bookmarks! But most of all your stories and books. Thanks for coming so far and being such a great participant.

  5. What a wonderful adventure, Susan! You’ve inspired me to look at attending this event sometime, too. I’ve never been to France, and it’s definitely past time! Thanks for sharing about it 🙂

  6. Its going on my bucket list too, Susan. It was actually on while I was in France but I didn’t really serioulsy think about going but I will definitely, next time I’m lining up a holiday in France keep it in mind and put my name down to go!

  7. What an amazing experience for any author, Alison. You so deserve the whole experience. Paris is one of my favourite cities, and I did have a wonderful experience there finding my books on the shelf in a shop at Gard du Nord. Nothing like your time with all those people. Wonderful.

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