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Road Trip

by Susan Carlisle

For those of you that read my May 11th post you know that I’ve recently been to Paris. My trip continued with the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin the next weekend. Look for more on that on my blog on June 20th.

Between the events my husband and I spent the week making our way to Berlin. We decided to drive. The first day we made it as far as the Rhinestein Castle on the Rhine River in Germany.


I love castles and have started making it a point of staying in one whenever I visit Europe. In fact, I even have a book about castles that have been turned into hotels. Rhinestein Castle is a particular wonderful one. We spent a couple of hours looking through every nook and cranny and climbing to the top of the oldest turret. The view was unbelievable. The castle was the perfect place to decompress for a day.Rhine

The next morning we headed for Nuremburg, Germany. By the way, my husband loved the autobahn. Going fast gave him a thrill. As a passenger, me not so much. We stayed in old town inside the medieval castle walls. Nuremburg is a lovely city. We walked around the cobbled stone streets that evening and finished up with a before breakfast walk the next morning. We were early enough that I had a chance to enjoy seeing children dressed for school and watching parents taking them. Many young families lived in the old buildings. Because there was a pet convention in town there wasn’t a place for us to stay another night so we decided to go on to Prague, Czech Republic. On our way out of Nuremburg we stop to see Hitler’s parade yard and colliseum.




The scenery between Nuremburg and Prague is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I was glad we drove so we could get a good view. Prague is an amazing old city as well. The fact it has remained so well preserved is great but it makes it a difficult city to drive in. Few of the streets are straight for any distance but the architecture is unreal. There is even an unbelievably large castle which is still the seat of government. Notice a castle theme here? Prague is almost more than a person can take in on one visit. We enjoyed a boat ride along the Vltava River as part of our hop on hop off bus ticket. It was a nice peaceful way to see part of the city and appreciate the architecture . We finished our visit with a walk across the Charles Bridge.prauge

Leaving early we drove to Berlin the next day. There we spent a day sightseeing before I had to spend the weekend at the LoveLetter Convention. We had been to Berlin before and stayed on the western side but this time we had a small flat on the eastern side. It has a younger hipper vive to it. There we had a chance to feel like a member of the community for a few days.

It was a busy week of driving, sightseeing and walking but well worth it. We enjoyed our visit. It made everything in the US seem very young.

Just an extra note. I have a new book out on July 1.

300 Bombshell

One night, unexpected consequences…!

But can they be a family?

After sparks fly with Dr. Gabriel Marks at a conference, nurse Zoe Avery’s left with a permanent reminder of their night together. Knowing Gabe doesn’t want kids, Zoe decides she’ll have the baby alone. Then Gabe moves to the same city just as pregnant Zoe needs a temporary home. Gabe comes to her rescue, but can they overcome their hurdles and become a family?

3 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. Hi Susan

    WOW what a trip I do love a good road trip although I have done a few here in Australia being in a different country would be awesome thanks for sharing your trip, and I am really looking forward to your new book

    Have Fun


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