Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance Novels

It’s holiday time!

At least it is in here in Scotland.  Schools are out at the end of this week and we’re off to sunny Portugal for a week.  I’ve never been there, so looking forward to it – after all, there’s nothing like sharing a hotel room with your other half and two teenage sons, is there??!!  Pic from below is from Florida last year, so hoping Portugal has just as much sunshine.

It’s been a good year.  My eldest has finished his final exams, gone to Prom and is off to study computing and cyber security at university and my youngest is heading towards exam land next year in school.  He might not be so keen on that.

This is also the time of year that all romance writers come out of the woodwork so to speak.  In the UK, the RNA conference is in Leeds which I’ll be heading to, with a whole day to spare in between before I have to head to the RWA conference in Denver, USA. The whole point of going to conference in the US to go to the Harlequin party which is always the best around, there I am below with Sheila Hodgson, the senior editor of the medical line at the party last year!

I’m really honoured to be nominated for a Rita this year, but have no expectation of winning.  I’ve read my fellow medical author, Amy Andrews book and have high hopes for that one – it’s fabulous.

So, by the time all this is over, I’ll have about 8 hours between getting home again and heading back to the day job.  Phew!

So, the final pic of the dinosaur was taken by fellow med author Louisa George when we went for lunch in Florida at conference last year.  I was celebrating the imminent release of my dinosaur YA books!

So happy holidays, whatever you are all up to.  I might need some recovery time after all this………..


3 thoughts on “It’s holiday time!”

  1. Hi Scarlet

    Woohoo on your Rita nomination good luck

    I love holiday time here in Australia it is winter and it has been cool and I love this weather good reading time

    Have a fabulous trip to Portugal I hope to see photos

    have Fun


  2. Can’t wait to see you in Denver, Scarlet! Less than 3 weeks until I leave now!
    RIght back at you on your medical, lovey! In fact all the books in our category are awesome! Would be nice to have a medical win though, wouldn’t it, so fingers crossed for either of us!

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