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Living the Dream

Eight and a half years since that “call” from the Mills and Boon editor and I’m still living my dream. Writing full time goes way beyond what I’d imagined before the call.

With 26 books in print and two more due out soon, people ask me where do I get the ideas. My head’s usually full of them. Now I’ve tempted fate – probably have writer’s block next.

Deadlines, revisions, proofs, art work sheets: all these things keep an author busy. Way back in the beginning I used to think I’d write a story and send it off. Now I know how much polishing goes into a story to get it presentable, and then the editor’s want more done in revisions. I’ve learnt that editors save our butts at times. I get so involved in a story that it’s hard to pull back and see it for what it is.

The downside to being an author is the isolation. There are plenty of voices in my head but I can’t sit down and have a coffee with any of them. The upside to that is I’ve met so many wonderful like minded people at conferences and writing groups.

I always wanted to be an author, from the age of about seven. My dad used to encourage my all the time. My mother thought I needed to experience life first. She still said that when I was 37 and had too many experiences behind me! So now I write author on papers I fill in and every time I still get a thrill.

So here’s the next 28 books.

Have you held a dream for a long before it came true and that now is a big part of your life?Surprise twins for the Surgeon





7 thoughts on “Living the Dream”

  1. Woohoo Sue way to go although I haven’t all of your books (yes) I have loved the ones I have read and look forward to many more.

    Doing something that you love and enjoy so much is always fabulous and you must be over the moon that you have found your niche and can make readers happy.

    My dream growing up was always to be a mother and here I am a mother and grandmother and then add in my love of reading and reviewing and I am very happy

    have Fun


  2. Sue
    As a big fan of yours, I am so happy that you are living your dream as I get to read the results. I am not sure if I’ve read all of your books but I have read a good portion of them. I hope to read more of them in the future.

  3. My dreams change about every 20 years. First it was going to college. Then being a stay at home mom, and now a writer. I hope to live long enough to have a go at something else.

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