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It’s a Jungle (of corn) Out There!

Maybe you can weigh in on a debate my son and I have been having for the last month: soybeans or corn? When we moved to the country a little over a year ago, there were soybeans planted all around our house. We could see the neighbors’ homes in the distance and watch fireflies dance across the fields in late June and July. It was beautiful. Magical. Well, I didn’t realize it then, but farmers rotate their crops in our area, planting soybeans one year and corn the next.

It’s a corn year. And those stalks enclose us, leaving only the lane that leads to our house. Who knew that corn grew that tall? Knee high by the fourth of July, goes the saying. Well by July fourth it was well past my knee and was as tall as I am!

Here is where the debate comes in. I LOVE the corn. I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of my own private oasis with not another person for miles and miles. The fireflies still dance, but they’re in our yard now, and it’s not the thousands of twinkle lights like last year. But I love it. It’s beautiful and watching the corn form those ears that have gotten fatter and fatter has been fascinating. My son disagrees. He says it feels claustrophobic (even though we’re sitting on five acres), and he doesn’t like not being able to see past it. That reminded me of when we lived in Florida. We had a visitor from another state–a state where you could see for miles and miles. She said driving on the Florida interstate really bothered her…she felt claustrophobic (like my son) and said that having the trees on either side of her was BORING.

What? Boring? I couldn’t even fathom that.

Which made me wonder if there really are two distinct preferences: being able see outside of one’s own little spot, or the cozy sense of privacy that vegetation affords. So here is my informal piece of research. Soybeans or corn? Do you like feeling hemmed in on all sides by greenery? Or do you like wide open spaces where you can see the world around you?

I really want to know. And maybe next year (soybean year), I’ll be able to see the other side’s perspective.

8 thoughts on “It’s a Jungle (of corn) Out There!”

  1. WOW I didn’t realize that it would be like fences all around for me maybe on three sides so as I could see at least on one side LOL although to be honest I normally have my head in a book anyway. My Mum would say that she couldn’t see to world go by if she was hemmed in 🙂

    Have Fun

    1. It is kind of like a high fence, Helen! We can see down our lane and our pastures are out front, but right across the street is more corn, so we’re kind of hidden away for now. On the good side, our neighbor (who farms the land) was selling some of his corn the other day, and it is so delicious! Next year it will be soybeans again, so we’ll get our view and our fireflies back. 🙂

  2. The corn is crazy tall this year!! Must be all the rain we had? I think I might feel claustrophobic if it surrounded me as you describe, though I loved driving country roads last week and seeing the corn (and soybeans!) everywhere.

    One bad thing about the corn being so tall and thick? My hubby was also driving a country road a couple weeks ago. Couldn’t see a thing beyond the road in front of him and the tall, tall corn to each side. Then a deer ran from a wide space between two cornfields, and he couldn’t see it until it was barreling toward the road. Managed to slow some from the 65 mph he was driving, but resisted the urge to swerve, as he knew that could be worse. Clipped the deer’s hip, and now the right side of the car and part of the hood is crushed, the headlight smashed, the bumper broken. Thank heavens it was only car damage, though, as it certainly could have been worse.

    1. Yes! We have had deer come out of the corn several times as we’ve been driving recently. So that’s a definite downfall. We haven’t hit any yet, however! I’m so glad your husband is okay!

      Most of the homes in Brazil are surrounded by high walls, so I think the corn gives me that same feeling of being enclosed in a safe space. It’s weird to have those feelings follow you. The house we lived in there had bars over all the windows and the entry door was closed by an iron cage-like structure that you had to go out and unlock to let anyone in. We used to joke that we’d be safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

  3. That corn is amazing! I think I would love it. Although – as Robin says…it can come with perils, but….could it also come with James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner and dreams coming true? Maybe the rotation is good – give you added affection for both of them -the differences. Yes. That’s my vote. I love both! xo Annie O’

    1. Very true, Annie! I guess we get the best of both worlds. A view one year and privacy the next! Although I wouldn’t mind a bit if James Earl Jones and Kevin Costner came with the corn!

  4. I’d want corn, Tina! I love a nice view, but I also love the idea of curling up in my own private space when I’m at home and if I’m surrounded by greenery that’s even better. Although the view with the fireflies does sound magical too… xx

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